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Gingerlily Silk Bedding, Duvet and Accessories Reviews

One of life’s natural luxuries, silk fabric is becoming increasingly popular for those looking to add a touch of decadence to their lives, with silk homeware, nightwear and accessories. However, we understand that with great luxury and quality comes an appropriately higher price tag, meaning you may wish to carry out some research before committing to purchase.

At Gingerlily, we are confident that all of our designs are crafted to the highest standards by our silk experts. To help you make a balanced, informed decision before you buy, we recommend reading through some of the reviews below we’ve received over the years. In the interest of presenting impartial information, all customer feedback is completely unedited and has been collated from a range of our stockists and dedicated brand review sites.

Gingerlily Bedding and Silk Duvet Reviews

“I wanted to upgrade my bedroom and the first thing was to purchase silk bedding from Gingerlily. I was not disappointed. I have tried other silk products from other manufacturers but I can confirm that Gingerlily products are one of the best! The quality, softness and sheen it has is literally second to none.” - Anonymous

“Beautiful product of the highest quality. We love having Gingerlilly [SIC] bedding gracing our beds in the Sweetpea & Willow showroom, the customers can not resist touching the silk as it looks and feels so inviting and luxurious. One of our favourite products for sure.” - Sweetpea & Willow

*Reviews taken from Houzz

“It is the perfect duvet for summer.” - Didi

*Review taken from Amazon

Gingerlily Beauty Box and Silk Pillowcase Reviews

“I had read that using a silk pillowcase was better for your skin and hair, as it does not absorb the natural oils, and had wanted to try it out for over a year. I can report that my skin is not so dry and sometimes I can get away with not washing my hair every day.” - ElleBee

“I bought this pillow case as I had heard how great it was for your skin, which it is. But it is also fantastic for my hair too! I no longer wake up with a frizzy mess in the morning. Love it!” - KatieDing

“Beautifully packaged, this silk pillowcase is great value for money.Ideal to use when travelling or as a beauty aid at home it makes a luxurious gift.” - Sue502

“Bought this as a present to myself as the big 50 loomed...far cheaper than Botox! I certainly wake with less facial creases and it is simply luxurious to sleep on. Only time will tell about its long term benefits. It is so lovely and comfortable to sleep on and quite cool too. All the family try to steal it so I know it is well received” - Paperfactory99

“A beautifully presented silk pillowcase. My hair is definitely smoother as a result of sleeping on it. It feels wonderful to sleep on too!!” - Shash7

“This silk pillowcase is lovely. Very comfortable to sleep on and washes well too. It would also make a nice gift due to the presentation box it comes in so I will be buying more.” - NellyAnselly

*Reviews taken from John Lewis

Invest in silk bedding, duvets and accessories from Gingerlily

The positive reviews that our silk bedding, pillowcases and more have received over the years from satisfied customers continue to inspire and drive the Gingerlily team to create new beautiful designs to be enjoyed. Experience the blissful luxury of Gingerlily silk bedding, duvets and beauty boxes for yourself by shopping from our beautiful collections online. Whether you’re looking for our highly rated Gingerlily Beauty Box to treat yourself or a friend, or are ready to invest in a bedding set, silk duvets and all, you’ll find each of our delicately crafted 100% mulberry silk products online.