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How to Create the Japandi Interior Style in Your Home

A sought-after interior trend that has recently grown in popularity, whether you have seen this in-demand style on your social media feed, or you’ve noticed this making an appearance in the homes of your friends or relatives, it’s likely that you may have previously encountered a Japandi interior. Wherever you have seen this interior trend, Japandi combines Japanese and Scandinavian design to create a minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing appearance, while containing some highly functional elements. Expected to continue in popularity, this contemporary trend is predicted to be the source of inspiration for many homes in 2023. You can find more interior styles for the coming year on our blog: ‘popular interior trends for 2023.’

Whether you’re not yet familiar with Japandi interior design and are looking to find out more about the concept before decorating or refreshing your interiors in this style, or you have already researched this trend and are looking for some styling advice, join us as our experts answer some popular questions surrounding this style, and provide tips on how you can recreate the Japandi interior trend in your own home.

What is the Japandi style?

Following a simple and minimal approach, Japandi interior design combines the elegant and sleek style of Japanese interiors with the comfort and clean lines that form the backbone of Scandinavian decor. Japandi fuses the Japanese term ‘wabi-sabi,’ a philosophy that follows slow and simple living, with the Scandinavian ‘Hygge’ lifestyle, valuing cosiness and comfort.

In essence, this style draws heavily on the concept of a home being a comfortable and relaxing space to retreat to, while incorporating muted colour palettes, defined lines and natural elements to further characterise the space. Blending practicality and style, Japandi interiors are not only pleasing to the eye, but score high in functionality. Featuring a strong emphasis on quality craftsmanship, the trend focuses on bespoke pieces designed to last for years to come.

How can I achieve the Japandi style?

A popular contemporary interior style, Japandi adopts a natural, spacious and minimal approach to home design. Characterising the Japandi style, neat, organised and movable spaces have grown in popularity, particularly since the pandemic, where most of us spent every day surrounded by the same four walls, prompting us to consider refreshing, or switching up, our home interiors.

Despite the specific ethos and values that harness Japandi interior design, there are many ways to achieve this sought-after interior style in your own home. You can even experiment by incorporating some of your favourite natural elements to create a style that meets your taste.

From neutral colour palettes and natural materials, to bespoke furnishings and accessories, Japandi is simple, clutter-free and led by aesthetics. Looking to try this style? Read our tips to gather some inspiration on how you can style your home using this popular trend.

Draw inspiration from nature

With the demand for eco-friendly products and nature-inspired accessories on the rise, it comes as no surprise that Japandi interiors favour this style of decor. From house plants to nature-inspired bedding, as long as the decorative elements in your space follow a minimal style and utilise a neutral colour palette, you’re free to choose a selection of natural decor that meets your design preferences.

Sage Silk Bedding


Designed to bring a calming feel to any space, the sage silk bedding set from our signature collection features a soothing and earthy tone that helps to achieve the Japandi style by embracing relaxation and slower living. Once you’ve perfected this style with some natural Japandi bedding, you can style the room around this using natural materials that bring a true sense of outdoor living, such as bamboo and wood tones.

Embrace neutrals

Whether it’s on walls, accessories or furniture, in-line with the Japandi style, we recommend using neutral tones across most elements of the room. To create interest, black or dark grey accents can be added in a balanced and harmonious way. However, if you’re unsure as to which neutral colours should be used - although there are some popular choices, such as beige, oatmeal and taupe - it’s best to consider which tones are most likely to bring a calm and tranquil feel when you enter the room. If you prefer brighter colours, you can still incorporate these - but this should be done in a subtle way that uplifts, or blends with, the other elements in the room.

rose pink bedding set

At Gingerlily, we have a number of elegant neutrals that exude comfort and style. If you’re looking to recreate an idyllic Japandi interior, our experts advise mixing and matching our neutral bedding to create a sense of harmony between each colour incorporated. Perfect for completing a Japandi-style bed spread, our rose pink and blush silk pillowcases blend seamlessly with one another. Alternatively, if you would prefer to keep things simple - you may wish to choose your favourite out of the two colours and purchase a pink or blush bedding set.

Experiment with texture

Rather than adding two or three textures, if you’re looking to incorporate all elements of the Japandi style into your interior, consider using a variety. The Scandinavian concept of ‘Hygge’ is characterised through varied texture, using throws, cushions, and more to create a cosy appearance, transforming your home into a stress-free sanctuary to sink into.

Designed to accompany our signature bedding, our silk bedspreads, eiderdowns, blankets and throws can help to add a sense of comfort and cosiness to any room, while maintaining a minimal style and preventing a cluttered appearance. For instance, our Windsor silk bedspread can be used alongside our coordinating cushion covers, providing a sense of balance while keeping texture as varied as possible. However, if you need to add some extra bedding to the space to prevent an ‘empty’ look - this lightweight silk blanket will provide the perfect solution.

Add interest through patterns

While Scandinavian decor can be brought to life through texture, Japanese interiors are often characterised by unique patterns. As a result, if you’re looking to create a Japandi interior, there should be a clear balance between texture and patterns. Designed to add interest to the space, patterns can be seamlessly incorporated in a variety of ways. From neutral coloured pictures that present unique shapes, to sleek lines and nature-inspired patterns, as long as these stay subtle and don’t dominate the room - you’re free to experiment with whichever suits the space.

If you’re looking to incorporate patterns into your Japandi room, our coral fern collection contains a selection of round and square cushions and bolsters made in soft heritage pink and green that have been inspired by unique, natural textured patterns. Perfect for adding the finishing touches to a Japandi interior, browse the collection and choose your favourite style.

Keep it minimal

An important element to consider when creating a Japandi inspired interior is achieving the minimalist style without letting the space look too bare - or, on the contrary, too overcrowded. To find this balance, it's important to invest in a few, high quality Japandi furniture pieces or accessories that you’re confident can withstand the test of time, as opposed to buying more pieces for less that might not last as long - or look as good - proving to be more costly in the long-term. Styling your interior with only a small number of accessories will also make it easier to clean, and will add a fresh, open feel to your bedroom, living space, or wherever else you decide to follow the Japandi style.

 Japandi interior

 Our experts believe that adopting a minimal, Japandi-inspired style is one of the best ways to achieve a contemporary and easy-to-maintain interior. Not only does a minimal approach result in a brighter, more spacious feel, allowing more light to fill the space, but the Japandi style also boasts a wide range of practical elements.

Creating a cosy and organised interior, with furniture and accessories kept to a minimum, the Japandi style helps to significantly reduce time spent doing housework by making a space easy to keep tidy. And, as an added benefit, our bedding and accessories are crafted using high-grade silk, making them both comfortable and attractive, while having the ability to last for a long time to come. As a result, all our products are ideal for achieving the perfect Japandi interior.