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Product Spotlight: All seasons Silk Duvet

The Gingerlily team is proud to announce that our All Seasons Silk Filled Duvet has won a Good Housekeeping Best Bedding Award 2023 and was selected as one of the Coziest Comforters on the market. If you’d like to read more about this award, you can find the full Best Bedding Awards article online, however, in light of this achievement, we thought we’d create a product spotlight blog highlighting all of the features that make our silk filled duvet so special. 

As we know, silk presents several natural benefits that can help to improve our quality of sleep. Aside from being luxuriously soft, silk is also an excellent choice of material for those who struggle with allergies or with body temperature regulation. The innovative design of our All Seasons Silk Duvet can ensure that you are kept comfortable throughout the year, no matter the climate. Join us as we discuss the benefits of using our award-winning product.

All Seasons Silk Duvet - Prices Starting from £225

Expertly crafted silk filled duvet

Whilst the outer casing of our all seasons duvet is made from cotton sateen, the inner is filled with 100% long-strand mulberry silk floss. Silk is a thermal regulator and can keep air captured between the threads without trapping excess heat from your body or letting all of the warmth escape. By utilising a silk filling, the duvet ensures that you can keep an optimum body temperature through the night whilst the cotton casing reduces the chance of the duvet moving around inside your duvet cover. However, our meticulous design process has added mechanisms to further stop this from happening - by featuring buttons and ties on our duvets, you can keep it firmly in place no matter if you prefer to sleep in a silk bedding set or any other alternative material. These simple yet effective features work to ensure that you can create a sleeping space that is tailored to your personal preferences, removing any chance of discomfort caused by bunching.

Perfect for couples

Our silk filled duvets are not only suitable for single sleepers but can regulate the body temperatures of co-sleepers. Couples that have chosen to opt for silk bedding have repeatedly testified to the natural properties of silk, stating that neither person has felt too hot or too cold during the night. This benefit does not purely stem from the temperature regulating fibre itself, but also as a result of our quality construction and attention to detail. Even better, the silk fibre allows for increased ventilation which draws excess moisture away from the body making it ideal for couples and those who live in warmer climates.

Additionally, the silk duvet is available in a variety of different sizes from standard singles and doubles to emperor-size beds, allowing you to choose a size that suits you, no matter if you prefer a little extra room or a snug fit.

Seasonal versatility

Whilst the tog equivalent of the duvet is equal to 6-8 tog, which may initially seem too light to be used in the winter, the all seasons duvet can provide enough warmth to see you through the colder winter months whilst remaining lightweight enough for warm summer nights. This versatility makes it the perfect choice for those who have limited storage space or those who dislike having to change out their duvet depending on the time of year, making it a convenient all-year-round solution. Additionally, if you wish to increase the tog rating of the duvet ready for harsh winters you can attach other available weights to the all-season by using the button-up system.

Half Summer / Half All-Seasons Duvet From £312 & Summer Weight Duvet from £141

Ideal for sensitive skin

Silk filled duvets are an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies or skin irritations as the fibre is naturally antibacterial, repelling mould, dust, and allergens which otherwise might get trapped inside duvets made of other materials. Due to the increased ventilation that silk provides, there is also generally less moisture created and therefore significantly less bacteria, which helps to sustain a more hygienic sleeping area. The all seasons duvet is therefore suitable for the most sensitive of sleepers, proving its ability to bring luxury comfort to every household.

Unmatched comfort

Of course, one of the main benefits of our all-seasons silk filled duvet is that it showcases truly sumptuous comfort. At Gingerlily, ensuring comfort is one of our top priorities when creating any of our products.The silk filling of our duvets is not as rigid as cotton or polyester alternatives and is lighter than a feather-filled duvet so that it can move with your body, bringing support to even the most active of sleepers.

Experience a blissful night’s sleep with Gingerlily

Lull yourself into a restful slumber and experience our award-winning all seasons duvet for yourself. With long-lasting durability, it will comfortably see you through the different seasons for years to come, ensuring that you can effortlessly improve your quality of sleep.