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5 reasons why sleep is your skincare saviour

Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? It gives us the rest we need, not to mention the health benefits that come with it, such as reducing stress and inflammation, and improving productivity and memory. Not only that but getting a good night’s sleep also has health benefits for your skin (it’s called beauty sleep for a reason), making it a win-win. With a bit of help from natural skincare experts Jurlique, here are five reasons why sleep is your skincare saviour – and how to make sure you get the most out of your nightly rest.

Sleep rebalances hydration in the skin

When you sleep, the body’s hydration rebalances, allowing skin to recover moisture. Hydration is key to good skin, helping to prevent dryness and visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. To help stay hydrated, drink at least 2L of water during the day and choose silk pillowcases and bed linen – the silk is great for skin as, unlike cotton, it doesn’t absorb any moisture, keeping it soft, supple and hydrated throughout the night. And it’s not just your skin that benefits. Silk contains the same naturally occurring protein as hair – Sericin – which helps to keep your locks hydrated too.

Skin cells are repaired overnight

Speaking of ageing, a deep sleep also enables a rise in growth hormones which allows damaged cells to repair. If you don’t have regular, deep phases of sleep, these repairs don’t happen, which can lead to more visible signs of ageing. Use a collagen-boosting skincare range, such as Jurlique’s Nutri-Define range, which contains naturally grown Spilanthes and Horseradish extracts that have been proven to boost collagen production in the skin, to help your skin repair overnight. Take your anti-ageing measures one step further with silk bed linen. The smooth properties of the fabric help to deter facial creasing, which can cause wrinkles and premature ageing, making silk a recommended anti-ageing tool by leading dermatologists.

Sleep reduces puffiness and dark circles

Puffy bags and dark circles under your eyes are common signs that you haven’t been catching enough Z’s. Help yourself drift off with the use of a silk eye mask, which helps you relax and ease into sleep. The silk is delicate and adjusts to your body temperature as you sleep, making it ideal for the eye area, where skin is thinner than the rest of your face. And for those days when you need a little extra help, use a product such as Jurlique’s Nutri-Define Supreme Eye Contour Balm, which is our best eye cream for puffy eyes in the Gingerlily office.

It helps your skin glow

When we’re tired, our skin can look dull and lifeless but when we sleep, our bodies boost blood flow to the skin, giving it that natural glow. Use richer moisturisers as part of your nighttime routine to get that lasting moisture boost throughout the night for truly glowing skin. Jurlique’s Nutri-Define Supreme Restorative Rich Cream is intensely hydrating, making it a great night cream for glowing skin.

Sleep helps your skincare products work harder

During the day, our skin is working to defend itself from sun and environmental aggressors. When you sleep, your skin focuses on repairing itself and blood flow is more consistent, which helps your skin to reap the full benefits of the products you use. As silk helps your skin retain moisture, sleeping on a silk pillowcase will ensure any serums or creams you’ve applied will stay on overnight, meaning you’ll get the most out of your products.

Make the most of your night’s sleep with our Beauty Box. Containing a 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase that’s available in four colourways, its hypoallergenic, breathable and temperature regulating qualities help you sleep soundly, all while helping your skin and hair stay healthy.

To find out more about Jurlique’s natural skincare and how you can use it in your nighttime routine, head over to the Jurlique blog.