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How does silk help your skin and hair?

Have you ever wondered how you can make your skin supple without using so many creams and ointments? Have you ever wondered how to stop your hair from becoming a tangled mess in the night? If you have, then silk may just be the perfect solution for you. As well as being luxurious, silk is naturally hypo-allergenic and offers a host of beauty benefits such as simulating amino acids and proteins found in the skin and hair, maintaining the skin’s natural acidity and helping the skin retain moisture. These – and the many additional benefits of silk – help create the perfect environment for your skin and hair while you sleep, reducing the likelihood of atopic skin conditions, and preventing dry skin.

What do people say about Gingerlily silk?

“If you wake up and find your hair particularly tangled you might want to swap your regular pillow for a silk version. This will prevent friction damage to the hair shaft. Invest in a Gingerlily Silk Pillowcase.” – Marie Claire, 11 Ways to Stop Hair Breaking “As silk is anti-static you end up with less of that morning frizziness to tackle. Silk also contains the same naturally occurring proteins as hair and skin which act to reduce prevent breakage in the hair shafts and can be a tool the battle against wrinkles” – Edge Magazine, Hair Saviours “Gingerlily’s silk eye mask helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles (especially on the delicate skin around the eyes) by decreasing friction which traumatises the skin.” – Sudocrem “It feels so nice and cool and makes me feel like a princess.” – Laura, UK beauty blogger at “I’ve found that my very dry hair keeps it’s bounce and seems to break less – in fact, I don’t think I’ve seen any hair breakage overnight since I’ve been using this, and if I take the time to curl my hair before bed, it does hold for the next day. As someone with really thick and wavy hair, this is worth the money alone!” – Faith, UK beauty blogger at “I don’t really know how I managed without it.” – Amber, UK beauty blogger at “Hair doesn’t stick to silk in the same way that it does to cotton; the hair shafts remain smoother and glossier.” – Michael Cimino, previous Artistic Director at Michaeljohn and Umberto Giannini

So how does our silk actually work?

Silk can reduce allergic reactions

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, so those who suffer from various allergies will find their reactions lessened from using silk-based bedding. Sufferers of Asthma may also see an improvement in their condition when sleeping in silk, as dust mites have been shown to be a common Asthma trigger.

Silk can reduce hair breakages

Silk does not wick moisture away from the hair like cotton and produces less friction – meaning less hair breakages. It’s also naturally anti-static, meaning less frizz than when using standard cotton pillowcases.

Silk can keep you dry and cool at night

Silk is a natural heat conductor and can adapt to the individuals temperature under the duvet, trapping the heat in the colder months and releasing it in the warmer months. All of our silk bed linen is machine washable with the use of a mild silk detergent. We suggest Tenestar which can be bought via our website. Tenestar is a very mild detergent specifically designed for use with silk. It does not contain any chemicals or lipid-replenishers – so it’s perfect for those that wish to avoid harsh chemicals.

Which product is right for you?

At Gingerlily we provide silk products to suit everyone’s beauty needs: from pillowcases that help with hair and skin, to bedding that can help reduce the effects of eczema, dermatitis and asthma – as well as providing you with a great night’s sleep! Below are some guidelines on how to choose the perfect product for you.

Beauty Box Pillowcase

Our Beauty Box Silk Pillowcase is specially designed to be most beneficial for your hair and face. Best of all: it costs much less than many high-end or specialist beauty products. It also makes a great gift This product is most suitable for:
  • Sufferers of eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions
  • Those who want glossier hair
  • Those who suffer from hair breakage
  • Those who want to reduce frizzy morning-hair
  • Those who suffer from dry skin on the face or neck and want to keep facial lines at bay
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Beauty Box Pillowcase Beauty Box Pillowcase £59

Silk Filled Duvet

Our silk filled duvets are filled with 100% Mulberry silk, making it a fantastic option for people who: Suffer from asthma or dust mite allergies
  • Those who find it difficult to regulate their temperature at night
  • Those who suffer from eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions
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Silk Filled Duvets

Silk Bed Linen

Our silk bed linen is the perfect product for those who would like to extend the benefits of the Beauty Box Silk Pillowcase to the rest of their body. We have a wide range of colours and styles, so it’s easy to find the perfect bed set for your home. View our silk bed linen range.

Silk Nightwear

When you stay away from home, you can’t always choose your bed linen, but you can choose the clothes you sleep in. By wearing our nightwear, you get to take the great benefits of silk with you. Our silk nightwear is not only the ultimate in luxury but also designed to give you the great benefits of silk bed linen both at home and on your travels. Choose our nightwear if you are any of the following:
  • Appreciates luxury
  • You suffer from dry skin
  • Those who find it difficult to regulate their temperature at night
  • Those who suffer from acne, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions
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