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6 Benefits of Wearing a Silk Headband

Recently, you may have heard about the benefits silk pillowcases provide, such as clearing skin and regulating body temperature. Silk is a luxurious and sought after natural material that can provide many benefits. There are many different types of silk available, from the rarest form of sea silk to mulberry silk. You can read more about these types of silk on our blog ‘What are the different types of silk?’. Our headbands are made out of authentic mulberry silk, which is beautifully soft and delicate with a subtle natural shine. Silk is one of the best materials for a headband or hair wrap due to its desirable properties. To learn more about the benefits of using silk on your hair, join us as our experts share their knowledge of this lavish material.

Are silk headbands good?

Authentic silk headbands are a splendid accessory which can provide numerous benefits for hair. Not to be confused with satin or artificial silk, authentic silk is a durable and beautiful material that makes for a great headband. A silk headband or hair wrap is also a versatile accessory, which can be used for sleeping in or for styling into an everyday accessory to cover up any bad hair days and enhance up-do hairstyles. 

As a softer alternative to standard hair accessories, silk is a much more gentle fabric than the cotton and synthetic materials commonly used to make headbands, scrunchies and more.In fact, silk’s natural smoothness helps to eliminate adverse effects from wearing the wrong type of hair accessories for your hair,  such as hair fraying caused by friction from rougher fabrics. 

What are the benefits of silk headbands?

Silk is an expensive material that drives many to buy a cheaper alternative that cannot offer the same benefits. There are numerous advantages of silk headbands that help to give you healthy, shiny, and soft hair. Here are six of the top benefits that you will notice when wearing a silk hair band. 

1) Helps to prevent hair damage

The nature of silk means that it can glide freely over hair, so that tangles don’t get caught up, and reduces friction. This will help to reduce the risk of split ends, helping to keep your hair healthy and strong. This lack of friction is perfect for keeping hair out of your face whilst exercising too, keeping your hair in tact.

2) Can reduce frizz

Following on from the last point, this reduced friction also helps to tame frizz, especially when paired with a silk pillowcase. Typically caused by movement during the night, frizziness and fraying is kept to a minimum with a silk headband or pillowcase, as hair is able to move freely over the smooth surface.

3) Keeps hair hydrated

Materials such as cotton tend to absorb more moisture from your hair, resulting in dry locks and weaker hair. Silk helps to lock in natural oils and moisture within the hair, preventing oil depletion. As a result, your hair will also be much cleaner as, unlike silk, cotton will absorb dirt, re-exposing your hair to these impurities time and time again.

4) Prevents kinks and creases 

When using a non-silk headband over a prolonged period, the harsh materials can create creases in the hairline. Silk is a lightweight yet durable material that even with prolonged use will not leave any unwanted marks on your hair. This makes silk headbands an ideal choice for everyday use for styling.

5) Breathable fabric

Silk is lightweight, and whilst it acts as a moderate insulator, heat can escape through it. This keeps your scalp cool, so that your hair can breathe.This helps avoid excess oil production, promotes circulation and is perfect for both summer use and for sleeping as it prevents perspiration from getting trapped at the root. By tying your hair back with a silk hairband, this also helps to keep your forehead clean, preventing acne breakouts in this area.

6) Naturally Hypoallergenic

The very nature of silk repels dust, mites, mould, and fungus. Perfect for those who need a hypoallergenic option, natural silk doesn’t go through as much rigorous processing with harsh chemicals, making it ideal for sensitive skin and hair. Using silk headbands will help to keep your hair clean and promote a natural shine and softness. 

Do silk headbands damage hair? 

Headbands made of natural, authentic silk, have very few downsides. Silk is not likely to damage your hair. In rare cases, some individuals may be allergic to silk. However, if you feel your ‘silk’ is making your skin or scalp feel itchy or irritated, it is more likely that your item is not made of authentic silk. That’s why it is important to buy your silk from a trusted source, such as Gingerlily. 

So far, there have been no reports to suggest that silk can damage hair. As an opulent material that has been treasured for centuries, it’s easy to see why we’re still reaping the benefits today. 

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