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Best Pillowcases for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, it’s more than likely you’re aware that, unless you have a solid routine to properly care for your hair, after you’ve slept, the chances of waking up with a bed head are high. Even if you do have a consistent hair care routine, it can still all go wrong after a good nights’ sleep. From kinks to frizz, dryness to tangles - no matter how many products you use in your hair, it’s a mutual understanding between those with curly or wavy hair types that no day is a good hair day the second you roll out of bed.

If you can relate to the above struggles but want to find a way to put a stop to this once and for all, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll discuss the reasons why using a silk pillowcase can benefit those with curly hair, whether you have waves, curls or coils, from curl type 2A to 4C. 

What is the best pillowcase for curly hair?

Those with curly hair tend to have thicker or more coarse tresses. This means that the hair is more prone to frizz, split ends and breakage as a result of heat and friction. According to the Sleep Foundation, the average person’s body temperature can fluctuate between 37 and 39 degrees celsius during sleep, meaning that if your hair is left loose, your body is subjecting it to constant heat during however long you sleep per night. With this in mind, a silk pillowcase can be the perfect alternative as they reduce friction and are temperature regulating to ensure the heat generated from your body as you sleep doesn’t cause damage to your hair. 

Gingerlily Beauty Box Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Blush - £66.00

Gingerlily Beauty Box Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Reasons to Use a Silk Pillowcase for Your Curly Hair

From helping your hair to retain moisture for longer, to providing a soft and comfortable feel which is kind to your hair,  there are many great things that can come from switching to a silk pillowcase. And, by investing in the right pillowcase, you might just be rewarded with excellent results - with the days of breakage, tangles and frizz behind you.

  1. Helps to Retain Moisture

The most common pillowcase material is cotton, which, although this may be comfortable, and in some cases, more affordable, it can sadly wreak havoc on your curly hair. A more absorbent material than silk, despite the fact that you won’t be able to see this happening, cotton pillowcases are known to rob your hair of its natural oils, which can leave it feeling dry as a result. Moisture is really important for curly hair, as this helps to retain curl definition, keeping your curl pattern more consistent. 

The properties of silk pillowcases mean that, when used, it will be easier for your hair to retain all its moisture and stay hydrated for longer, as silk is non-absorbent and so helps to lock in all your hairs natural oils. Switching to silk means that your luscious locks may appear more healthy and hydrated, and any condition products or oils that you use overnight will also be kept firmly in place in your hair rather than transferring to your pillow.

    2. Easy to Wash

If you’re worried about keeping your silk pillowcase clean, our experts at Gingerlily are here to reassure you that you don’t need to worry. The Gingerlily silk pillowcases are easy to keep clean. Despite these requiring a little more care and attention than other fabrics, this is much more straightforward than you might think. All you need to do is use a gentle detergent and low washing cycle, which will ensure your pillowcase comes out smelling clean and fresh - ready for you to get a good nights’ sleep. Then, simply put on the line to dry, avoiding tumble drying which can strip silk of its beneficial properties.

If you need a little more help to understand the upkeep requirements of using a silk pillowcase for your curly hair, read our step-by-step blog, which will show you in detail how you can wash and care for your silk pillowcase.

   3. Reduces Frizz

As we’ve mentioned, when you’re asleep, the friction from your pillowcase can cause all kinds of hair-related disasters - from split ends to the dreaded morning frizz. However, you might be pleased to know that this can easily be prevented by investing in a silk pillowcase for your curly hair.

With a naturally smooth feel, silk is really gentle on your hair and it’s therefore less likely to cause frizz. Whether your hair is wet or dry when you move around in your sleep, it will gently glide over the surface of your pillow with little to no unwanted consequences.

   4. Soft and Comfortable

Silk is made from fine fibres that are closely woven together to create an effortlessly soft material. As a result, making the switch to a silk pillowcase will mean that, even when you toss and turn in your sleep, your hair will glide across the fabric rather than be pulled, helping to prevent damage.

   5. Helps to Preserve Curls

If you’re fed up with using what seems like an endless amount of hair products, a silk pillowcase might help to significantly cut down your hair care routine, so you can spend less time maintaining your hair (which can sometimes feel like a full-time job) and more time doing the things you love - whatever that may be.

This is because silk won’t pull your hair in all different directions throughout the night. Instead, a silk pillowcase can help your curly hair stay in place for longer, potentially reducing unwanted flyaways and kinks. Not only will this help your hair keep to its natural shape, but investing in a silk pillowcase means that your curl refresh routine will be a lot shorter, saving you time in the morning’s so you can get that extra bit of sleep.

Silk Headbands for Curly Hair 

While a silk pillowcase can significantly improve the condition and definition of your curly hair, there are some additional steps you can take during the night to support those tresses even further. As we mentioned earlier in this post, the hair can be subjected to quite high temperatures for long periods when sleeping. With this in mind, we recommend keeping the hair away from the face and neck if possible. This can be done by pushing the hair back with a silk headband, which can keep your locks in place to preserve any styling you’ve carried out. 

Gingerlily Silk Headband - Blush - £36.00

Gingerlily Silk Headband - Blush

Silk Pillowcase Recommendations for Curly Hair

Although you might now be familiar with some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to use a silk pillowcase for your curly hair, you may still be wondering which are the best silk pillowcases to buy, and the most reliable. At Gingerlily, our collection of silk pillowcases have been crafted from the finest long-strand mulberry silk. 

Available in an assortment of calm and relaxing colourways, making them perfect for transforming a standard bedroom environment into a peaceful sanctuary as well as supporting the hair, there are a range of colours and designs to choose from. And, don’t forget to purchase your pillowcase alongside our other coordinating silk bedding, including sheets and duvet covers. Take a look at our recommendations for the best silk pillowcases for curly hair below.

Gingerlily Beauty Box Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Ivory - £66.00

Gingerlily Beauty Box Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - Ivory

This stunning silk pillowcase is the perfect choice for those looking to explore the benefits of silk for the first time. With one 100% mulberry silk pillowcase presented neatly in our signature branded box, the Beauty Box provides a lovely gift for your curly haired friends, or makes a luxurious treat for yourself. With a standard housewife pillowcase shape, this single pillowcase can fit seamlessly with your existing bedding and comes in four subtle colour choices to match the decor of your bedroom. One of our best-selling items, the Beauty Box is the perfect introduction to silk bedding. 

Tangleweed Blue Silk Pillowcase - from £72

Tangleweed Blue Silk Pillowcase

Designed in a stunning unique pattern, the Gingerlily Tangleweed Blue pillowcase from the tangleweed bedding collection features a soft blue colourway  to create the perfect atmosphere for a good nights’ sleep. Made in collaboration with the fabric house, Madeaux, this botanical themed collection is the ideal addition to a relaxing bedroom environment, while also being effortlessly kind and gentle to your curly hair.Also available in a delicate pink colourway if this may be more suited to your style tastes.

Rattan Silk Oxford Pillowcase - from £114

Rattan Silk Oxford Pillowcase

If you prefer a more minimal design that will still add a bit of texture to your bedroom interior, the collection of rattan silk pillowcases are available in pastel pink and blue, as well as plain (oxford) or patterned (piped) styles. Featuring a delicate weaved design that is reminiscent of classic rattan, these attractive pillowcases provide a versatile addition to any bedroom, while also working wonders for your hair thanks to the A grade mulberry silk that it is crafted from.

Sage Silk Pillowcase - from £54

Sage Silk Pillowcase

The pillowcases from the Gingerlily signature collection of silk bedding feature a whole host of calming colours, with one of our favourites being the tranquil Sage green. Among other colours from this exclusive collection, the sage silk pillowcase, which fits perfectly in-line with current bedroom design trends - adds a natural and earthy feel that is bound to bring at least a touch of relaxation to your bedroom. And, as always, our signature pillowcases have been made to treat your hair well.

Shop silk pillowcases for your curly hair at Gingerlily

Find a silk pillowcase that, as well as blending seamlessly with your interiors, will help you to achieve healthy, glowing hair from our full range of mulberry silk pillowcases at Gingerlily. Designed to help protect your curly hair, we also recommend browsing our collection of silk headbands.