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Can Silk Reduce the Signs of Ageing?

Everyone wants to learn the secret to youthful skin and the key to preventing wrinkles. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, the global market for anti-ageing products will be worth a staggering 32.7 billion GBP. There is no wonder then that so many businesses are battling to create the next ‘miracle product’ for the masses to snap up, but the question remains, do these really work?

There is an uncountable number of products and procedures available on the market, all claiming to reduce the signs of aging in some way. The sheer number of options can make the whole ordeal quite daunting, and it can be difficult to even know where to start. In this post, we will help you navigate the anti-ageing minefield, discussing the difference between wrinkle reduction and prevention, the benefits of silk for anti-ageing purposes, and why you should consider silk sleepwear as an essential part of your anti-ageing routine.

Reducing vs Preventing

Whilst both areas have the same end goal, there is a distinct difference between products and procedures that reduce the signs of ageing and those that prevent it. This doesn’t simply come down to what we use, but also the way in which we use them.


Wrinkle-reduction solutions make up the vast majority of products in the anti-ageing sphere, covering everything from skin care and makeup to cosmetic procedures. These products aim to reduce the appearance of pre-existing signs of ageing, think of your everyday skin care routine, products such as eye cream, retinol serums and regular anti-wrinkle creams. This is simply because these products focus on reducing the appearance of wrinkles, however they do little to stop them forming. If you look, you will find that many of the labels in the anti-ageing section boast ‘plumping’ qualities, these work by temporarily tightening the skin and filling in fine lines to give the appearance of a smooth complexion. Products such as these are great for everyday use as they help to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and generally provide a confidence boost for many worldwide.

Another popular option in the wrinkle-reduction category are cosmetic procedures such as botox and fillers. Botox and fillers are the most popular non-surgical treatments in the UK and are loved by celebrities and the general public alike. Put simply, botox works by freezing the muscles in certain areas of the face to block chemical signals that cause muscles to contract. This means that natural facial expressions such as frowning and squinting are prevented, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes. Fillers can also be used for a similar result, injected in target areas that have the deepest wrinkles to help reduce the severity and create a smoother texture to the skin. As with the aforementioned skin care products however, these procedures are only temporary and have to be topped up every 3-4 months, which can be costly and time-consuming.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, wrinkle-prevention solutions aim to offset the ageing process and elongate our natural youthful complexions, fighting off signs of ageing for as long as possible. These solutions often come in the form of skin care, as well as supplements and lifestyle products. In the realm of skin care, the best age preventative product you can find is a broad spectrum SPF that has been specifically designed for use on the face, and with UV protection properties. The sun is one of the biggest offenders in speeding up the ageing process, therefore we highly recommend investing in a good SPF for everyday use.

Another age preventing solution is supplements. One of the most popular supplements for anti-ageing purposes is collagen, this is the active ingredient that you will often find in skin, hair and nail multi-vitamins, amongst other beauty supplements. After the age of 20, we begin to produce roughly 1% less collagen each year, this results in the gradual loss of elasticity in the skin and a natural thinning of the dermis layer, both of which lead to the formation of wrinkles and an ageing complexion. Taking daily collagen supplements is an effective way of delaying this process.

Lifestyle products made from silk such as pillowcases, bedding and eye masks are also a more affordable and longer-lasting solution to help prevent the signs of ageing. Silk sleepwear can help to reduce the likelihood of wrinkles forming and is the most natural anti-ageing solution currently available on the market, as it works without the need for injections, creams, serums or ingestibles.

Why you need silk sleepwear in your anti-aging routine

The benefits of silk extend far beyond its looks, in fact, sleeping on 100% silk is proven to manage many of the areas that can lead to signs of ageing. First and most obviously is the prevention of lines due to the naturally smooth texture of the material. Silk pillowcases in particular help to decrease the appearance of lines as they are less likely to pull on the skin than other bedding fabric alternatives, and as they are naturally non-absorbent, they can help to improve the hydration of the skin.

Anti-ageing benefits of silk for our skin

We spend around one third of our lives in bed or asleep, and many of our wrinkles are caused by our sleeping habits. Supposedly, most dermatologists can accurately guess which side you sleep on simply by observing the lines and wrinkles in your face, a lot of this can be due to the materials we sleep on. Cotton pillowcases and other artificial materials can cause a lot of friction on the skin which leads to creases being formed in the night, as our sleeping positions become routine, these lines gradually become more pronounced and can begin to form deep wrinkles in later life. Silk creates nearly half the amount of friction as cotton, helping to prevent unnecessary damage and leaving skin crease-free as well as promoting a more comfortable, and consequently undisturbed, sleep. Resultantly, this can have a great impact on how we feel and look on a daily basis.

It isn’t just the smooth texture of silk that makes the material so beneficial for keeping our skin looking youthful, but also the genetic makeup of the material that actually contributes to skin cell rejuvenation. Silk contains natural proteins, essential amino acids and a natural cellular albumen which helps to speed up the metabolism of skin cells, ensuring that they’re replenishing at a faster rate which in turn leads to healthier and plumper skin.

One of the more overlooked benefits of silk is its natural anti-absorption properties, which is beneficial for our skin in a number of ways. The first is that silk will not absorb any of the natural oils in the hair or the skin which allows your skin to stay hydrated and prevents an overproduction of excess oils. This is extremely beneficial, for example when wearing a mask. A cotton mask can be extremely irritating to the skin and can cause an overproduction of oils which can lead to the dreaded ‘maskne’. Silk face masks leave the skin undisturbed, making for a much more comfortable mask-wearing experience that helps to maintain the natural hydration of the skin, which in turn helps to prevent irritations which can lead to stress lines and wrinkles.

Not only does silk help to maintain our natural oils, it also helps to leave any products on the skin undisturbed whilst you sleep. Cotton pillowcases have the capacity to absorb up to 30% of their weight in liquid, meaning that all the products that you use in your night time routine can end up on the pillow before they get a chance to work. Silk pillowcases, however, only absorb around 11% of their weight in liquid, meaning that your products stand a much greater chance of remaining on the skin throughout the night, and therefore have longer to help combat signs of ageing.

Benefits of silk pillowcases for hair anti-ageing

Finally, something that isn’t considered so much in the anti-ageing pursuit is the appearance of our hair. As we become older and we begin to lose collagen, our hair is affected along with our skin. The hair becomes dryer and loses its capacity to hold natural oils, making it have less elasticity and become much more prone to breakages. Sleeping in silk has many benefits for our hair, which you can read about here in our article that focuses solely on the benefits of silk for hair health.

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