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Cosy Autumn Bedroom Ideas

The autumn season is well under way, with crisp cool air replacing hot summer weather and the leaves starting to change from forest green to golden and crimson hues. As such, many of us are looking to reflect this change within our interior design schemes and incorporate some autumnal decor into our homes. Autumn is all about feeling cosy and warm, and this transitional season presents the perfect opportunity to transform your sleeping space. At Gingerlily, we’ve got you covered for autumnal bedding and seasonal decor ideas for your bedroom. Keep reading to discover our top hints and tips to inspire you for the new season.

1) Curate an autumnal colour palette

A seasonal colour palette is essential when it comes to transforming your living space. When people think of autumn colours, deep earthy tones often come to mind, such as oranges, reds, yellows, and browns, as these reflect the season well, adding gentle warmth to your interior. However, if you prefer something softer, these are not your only options. Berry tones such as blush pink can also be incorporated into your space, as well as neutral shades like beige.

Traditional autumnal colour palette

If you prefer the traditional colours of autumn, we would recommend using your bed to incorporate these hues and create a focal point. An ivory fitted silk sheet and ivory pillowcases ensure a bright base, allowing you to create a contrast with charcoal or beige sheets. A touch of orange brings a perfect balance to finish the look, which can be achieved using a statement cushion or bedside decoration.

Contemporary autumnal colour palette

Blush Silk Bedding Collection

Alternatively, you can swap the beige and charcoal for a blush pink, keeping the ivory sheets and pillowcase for a gentle contrast. To truly embody the fall feeling, you can finish off the look with a throw in a neutral colour, which will bring together the seasonal palette and provide an extra layer of warmth on cold nights. You can also experiment with golds, crimson, and forest greens if you want to opt for something more unique.

2) Choose cosy nightwear

Whilst nightwear is not technically a decor item, it does add to the cosy feeling of the room and can be tactically hung or draped when not in use as a way of displaying this homely warmth. For example, a silk sleep mask placed on your bedside table is a simple way to add an extra autumnal touch, especially if you choose a colour that is cohesive with your chosen colour palette. The blush silk eye mask will be perfect if you’ve gone for a more contemporary look, whereas a green silk eye mask is an excellent choice for those who like to experiment with nature-inspired colours.

Green Silk Eye Mask - £43.50

Alternatively, a pair of white silk pyjamas is a neutral way to keep a contrasting colour scheme whilst also ensuring your skin feels an opulent softness that can lull you into a comfortable night’s sleep. Place at the end of your bedding or fold and prop up against a cushion when not in use if you’d like to add to your decor.

Of course, above all, our silk nightwear is completely functional and works to regulate your body temperature. This means that you’re kept cosy and warm on cold days and cool on hotter days, making it the perfect choice for this transitional season.

3) Swap your bedding

Autumn isn’t just about colour schemes. As the season brings a drop in temperature, it’s important to adjust your bedding, fabrics, and clothing accordingly to stay warm. Using our all seasons duvet is ideal during this season as it caters for the wavering temperatures of the last remnants of summer and the cold autumn air.

Of course, if you want something that will be visibly stylish as well as warm, you could opt for a silk eiderdown for an extra comfortable feel. The Sheila Bridges Harlem Toile eiderdown is a luxurious option and helps create an autumnal feeling through the homely cultural and nature-inspired motifs which are delicately printed onto the fabric. Toile is an increasingly popular pattern and using it in your bedroom design scheme helps incorporate a notion of farmhouse cosiness.

Harlem Toile Eiderdown £840.00

4) Layer fabrics

Layering fabrics helps to add warmth to your home and create a snug feeling. You can do this by adding throws over your chairs or across your bed, or by mixing and matching material types or colours. Alternatively, you can also use cushions to do this. Blue and orange used together makes a calming aesthetic that reflects the season. We'd recommend something from our new Summerhill Blue collection, or the Sheila Bridges bolster cushion in Summerhill Blue if you would prefer something patterned.

Harlem Toile Summerhill Blue Bolster Cushion £165.00

5) Add some natural touches

Adding some natural elements can make a huge difference to your space. Think about adding some wooden furniture such as trinket trays or bowls, or opting for some dried flower arrangements and scented diffusers with an autumnal scent. This will help capture the essence of autumn and provide that cosy feeling.

Alternatively, you can choose to incorporate some nature-inspired patterns instead through wall art or soft furnishings. The Gingerlily x Madeux collection is perfect for this as the soft silk products have been delicately printed with motifs and patterns inspired by the natural world.

6) Utilise soft lighting and soft furnishings

With less daylight and more overcast days, autumn can quickly become sombre without making use of light colours and additional lighting. Therefore, you may want to incorporate some light-coloured soft furnishings, as well as some lamps or decorative lights into your space to avoid creating a room that is too dark.

Silk has a refined texture that is shimmery and smooth, perfect for complementing soft lighting and capturing the essence of luxury and homely comfort. It’s also a material that is resistant to mould and mildew which is commonly seen in the autumn season, making it an ideal fabric to use when incorporating soft furnishings. With a wide selection of silk throw pillows available at Gingerlily, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find something that meets your design preferences.

Windsor Silk Cushion Cover - Charcoal from £60.00

Transform your bedroom with Gingerlily silk

Creating the perfect cosy place to relax doesn’t have to mean repainting or completely changing your furnishings, as colour is key when it comes to autumnal decor. The easiest way to transform your space and capture that cosy feeling is to switch out your bedding. Browse through our full collection of silk bedding and accessories to find an option that suits you.