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How to Clean a Silk Sleep Mask

An essential addition to any beauty bag, a silk sleep mask can help create the perfect conditions for a deep, undisturbed sleep, while also promoting healthy and glowing skin. However, it’s important to keep in mind that, for the mask to keep working its magic, it’s important to take the necessary steps to keep it clean and help to prevent a build-up of dirt or stains. While this only needs to be done every so often, properly caring for your sleep mask can help it to maintain its soft and luxurious feel for longer.

Unlike more standard materials, which you can simply put in the washing machine with some detergent, silk sleep masks tend to require more care and attention. However, since silk is more gentle on your skin than other materials, has a softer feel and won’t need to be washed as frequently, we believe it’s worth taking the extra steps to care for your mask. To find out more about how to clean and wash your silk sleep mask, join us as we discuss this process below. 

How often should you wash a silk sleep mask?

Unlike other materials that are used to make sleep masks, such as linen, cotton and polyester mixed fabrics, silk eye masks feature hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties that reduce the need to wash them as frequently. They also have non-absorbent features, which means the natural oils your skin produces during the night stay on your skin instead of being transferred to the mask. Ultimately, this can help to reduce dryness by allowing your skin to retain its moisture. Not only this, but wearing a silk eye mask that repels skin oils and sweat prevents a build up of dirt and stains that would otherwise occur in more absorbent materials such as cotton and other alternatives. 

So, it’s clear to see why our silk experts would only recommend washing your silk sleep mask when it’s really necessary, which is likely when it begins to show small spots and stains. While less frequent washes can help to increase the lifespan of your Gingerlily eye mask, this is also a great choice for eco-conscious beauty lovers, as it helps to protect the environment by saving water. Spot cleaning your eye mask in between washes can also help it to stay clean for longer.

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If you’re looking to spot clean your silk eye mask, we would recommend creating a solution that contains a small amount of silk-safe detergent mixed with warm water. Next, place a soft cloth in the solution and gently dab any patches of dirt or stains on the affected areas of your sleep mask.

How to wash a silk sleep mask

If you’re looking for ways to wash your silk sleep mask without damaging its delicate fibres, simply follow our easy three-step hand washing guide. From washing to drying, cleaning your eye mask is a short and simple process that will leave this beauty accessory with an effortlessly soft and smooth feel. We would always recommend hand washing this over machine washing. 

  • Step 1 - Fill a basin with lukewarm water that is around 30 degrees. Never put your silk sleep mask in boiling water as the high temperature will damage the material. Once you have the correct temperature, add some silk-safe detergent to the basin (follow the instructions on the bottle to determine how much to add).
  • Step 2 - Submerge your silk eye mask into the water and detergent mix and gently wash with your hands.
  • Step 3 - Once you’ve hand washed your silk eye mask, remove it from the basin to line dry. Do not tumble dry as this can create wrinkles and creases in your freshly washed silk. Instead, it’s much safer to hang up your silk mask to air dry out of direct sunlight.

Extra Care Tip: Avoid the temptation to use fabric softener when you’re washing your silk eye mask, as this isn’t necessary and can harm the fabric.

What detergent is safe for silk?

As mentioned above, the best method for cleaning your silk eye mask is with a mild detergent. We recommend choosing a detergent that has been specifically formulated to protect the natural qualities of silk. While, despite the fact that it might seem easier to remove stains through using bleach, you should never use this on your silk face mask. This is because bleach can inflict lasting damage on your eye mask by disintegrating the delicate fibers and causing the beautiful colour to fade, meaning the mask won’t last as long and this could mean it loses its soft feel.

When it comes to finding a good silk detergent to use on your silk sleep mask, we would recommend shopping online and purchasing our Gingerlily Liquid Silk Wash. This delicate wash has been specifically created with the purpose to protect the colour and softness of all your Gingerlily silk bed linen and accessories. Alternatively, you can visit your local supermarket and look for mild detergents made for silk and other delicate materials.

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How do you keep silk soft after washing?

Washing your silk eye mask by hand is, as mentioned, a simple three-step process. However, if you have owned your sleep mask for a few years and are looking to return it to its original, soft condition, we recommend taking one more step to ensure luxurious and long-lasting wear.

  • Step 4 - Once it has been freshly washed, wait until your silk eye mask is completely dry until you complete this step. Once it’s dry, iron or steam your sleep mask on a warm setting. If ironing, be sure to place your mask beneath a towel and iron over it to avoid burning the garment. Steaming and ironing your eye mask will help to restore the mulberry silk’s natural softness and ensure that it will stay gentle on sensitive skin.

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Find a gentle silk sleep mask at Gingerlily

If you’re still yet to experience the luxury of sleeping with a silk sleep mask, browse through our collection of beautiful sleep masks and other silk accessories to achieve a good nights’ sleep while protecting your skin. 

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