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How to decorate a big bedroom

When decorating any room, ensuring you make the most of your space is extremely important, and this is the same when decorating a large bedroom. It can be pretty intimidating when faced with a big space and we can be led instinctively to fill the room with lots of furniture and accessories, however this can easily overwhelm the space and make the room appear messy and cluttered. But there’s no need to worry, we’re here to help you discover some of the best tips and tricks to make the most of your large bedroom.

Whether you’re wanting to maximise your bedroom and make the most of the space with extra seating areas to unwind before bed, or you’re wanting to implement colours and textures to draw the eye and create the illusion of a smaller, cosier room - we can help you find the perfect design solution for your big bedroom.

So if you’re wondering how to decorate a big bedroom, keep reading as we’ll go over our top five tips and tricks to create the perfect, luxurious bedroom retreat.

Create zones

When decorating a large master bedroom, a great way to command the space is by utilising furniture to create ‘zones’ within the room. When designing a multifunctional, open-plan space, it is important to ensure that there is a flow between the spaces as it can be quite easy to overwhelm the room with blocky furniture divides.

To utilise some of that extra room without disturbing the flow of the room, you can’t go wrong with a nice sitting area to divide the space and add to the relaxing, cosy vibe. Whether your space offers room for one lavish armchair - perfect for a reading book, or you have enough space for a coffee table and a large chaise lounge, a lounging area is a great way to utilise extra space whilst adding extra function to the room.

Repetition of patterns

One of our favourite tips for creating an inviting atmosphere within a large bedroom is to develop a theme that draws different spaces into focus.. A great way to do this and create the illusion of a smaller space, is through the repetition of fabrics and patterns in different areas of the bedroom. This idea takes inspiration from hotel rooms and the way in which they are decorated and, when executed well, makes for a lavish and luxurious feel in your bedroom.

This is most effective when utilising one main pattern in any one space- you could use the same fabric for your curtains and light covers for example. We believe however, that the easiest way to introduce a statement pattern to your space is through soft furnishings such as our collection of eiderdowns and cushions from our collaboration with Vanessa Konig. One of our eiderdowns would look perfect on a large statement bed, and you can utilise any of our bolster, square or round cushions in seating areas or other furnishings around the room to reintroduce the pattern.

Creating texture

Another way to make a large room feel cosier is to incorporate layered textiles such as throws, pillows and cushions. This helps to create texture which not only draws the eye around the room, but also helps to take up some of that extra space. Another benefit of having textural elements such as thick throws, frilled pillows, and layered bedding is that they help to soften the room and absorb some of the noise which can otherwise make a large space feel echoey and bare.

We recommend implementing texture into the centrepiece of your bedroom - the bed. If you’re looking for some subtle texture that exudes simple luxury, then our oxford pillowcases are the perfect choice for you. Oxford pillowcases make for a larger and more commanding look on your bed, and their elegant frill border adds an understated element of texture which is simple enough that you can layer up for additional depth.

For texture and comfort, another tip of ours is to add a large throw or bedspread to your bed such as one of our quilted silk bedspreads. As well as comfort, thick bedspreads are great for filling up some of that extra space and drawing the eye to the focal point of your bedroom.

Clever colour palettes

When choosing a colour palette for your big bedroom design, it is important to consider what you’re trying to achieve with the space. If you’re looking to create the illusion of a bigger space, then bright neutrals such as whites, greys and light blues are great for lighting up the room. However when dealing with a bigger bedroom that you are wanting to inject a warm cosy feeling into, we suggest staying away from true whites and contrasting colours, and opting for a darker and more muted colour palette.

Using a limited colour palette in your large bedroom helps to draw the space in, and we recommend opting for darker tones to further help this effect. Using dark blues and greys, or even darker neutrals such as browns and sandy tones gives the illusion of a smaller space as they help to absorb the light that would usually bounce off bright surfaces.

A monotone colour palette provides an extremely chic appearance to a large room. This design trick is often favoured by luxury hotels as muted colourways help to create a calming feel in a large space. We recommend using single toned bedding from any of our 100% silk signature bedding collections, paired with either a statement eiderdown from the Vanessa Konig collaboration, or a muted quilted throw. Opting for one statement colour or pattern in your palette allows for this to be re-introduced throughout various areas in the space for a cohesive, cosy feel.

Draw the eye

However, our No.1 tip for creating an inviting space in your large bedroom is to focus on the bed. The bed is always the focal point of any room, and this still rings true for larger spaces as it provides the opportunity to draw the eye and make a real statement in the bedroom.

A larger bed helps to bring the room to scale, and we would often recommend maximising the impact of your bed area by using large throws and cushions with bold patterns and a lot of texture. Our collection of silk cushions are perfect for layering and will add an extra element of luxury to your bedroom. Try layering our simple Windsor Silk cushions with an extravagant bolster or round statement pillow from the Vanessa Konig collection for a multi-textural, regal finish to your bed.

Your bedroom should be a comfortable and inviting space that you’re excited to relax in, and what is more inviting than the thought of climbing into your soft silk bedding after a long day. At Gingerlily, we design all of our collections to ensure the highest quality experience in both appearance and feel. Create the bedroom of your dreams with the selection of luxurious silk bedding, soft quilted bedspreads and gorgeous scatter cushions online at Gingerlily.