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How to decorate a small bedroom

Decorating any bedroom can be a challenge, choosing your colour scheme, placing furniture and organising storage making up only some of the decisions we obsess over, but in a small bedroom, all of those problems are amplified.

Whether you want to maximise your space through clever colour schemes and illusions that trick the eye or would prefer to make the most of the cosy vibes that come with a small bedroom with frills and cushions, we can help you find the perfect design for your small bedroom.

Read on to discover our top five design ideas for decorating a small bedroom and see if you can implement them at home to create a luxurious retreat of your own.

Simple luxury

Embrace a natural, airy simplicity with a classic white look. Perfect for small bedrooms, including white in your colour decision making process, whether it be in your furniture, painting or bedding, will encourage a light, soft feel in your room. Small rooms can often feel stuffy and stifling but, with white touches reflecting any natural light and brightening it, your room will never feel too small again.

To replicate this timeless, chic look in your own bedroom, we suggest looking through our Signature Collection in White. Comprising a fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase, all made from pure long strand mulberry silk that feels as luxuriously soft as it looks, this collection has everything you need to enhance your space.

Limited colour palettes

While choosing a colour palette that is full of soft neutrals and bright whites is an excellent way to lighten up a small space, don’t think this means you can’t get a little creative with your colours. Our advice is stay away from bold patterns that could over-dominate the space and play with soft, complementary colour palettes that create an interest point that draws the eye in your small bedroom.

This style works best with soft-toned colours so, if you have a favourite colour that fits this description, we suggest experimenting with how it looks in the space. Take our Signature Teal Collection as inspiration, the lovely aquatic blue colour compliments creamy white tones perfectly and helps to create a soft yet striking look in any size space.

Cosy comfort

Just as important as colour, before you can start decorating your room, you’ll need to settle on a style. The style you choose will be dependent on the layout of your small room and, more importantly, your own personal preference. One of our favourite small bedroom trends out there, for example, is the cosy comfort style.

Perfect for small rooms with cosy alcoves, reading nooks and hidden cubbies, the cosy comfort style makes the most of vintage frills and ruffles, turning an empty space into a haven for snuggling up and relaxing. Layer up your bedding with silk sheets, countless scatter cushions and an eiderdown from our Gingerlily X Vanessa Konig Collection to really make the most of this small bedroom trend.

Feature wall dramatics

Who said a small bedroom had to be boring? Bring a touch of the dramatics to your bedroom with a feature wall and complementary bedspread. While this theme is limited only by your imagination and whatever eye catching patterned wallpaper you can find, we recommend combining this feature wall theme with the industrial trend. Both dramatic and bold, these trends combine perfectly in our suggested small bedroom design of a faux brick wall.

Draw out the darker tones in the imitation brick feature wall with our Signature Collection in Charcoal. Made of 100% pure mulberry silk, this collection of sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases has a light sheen that will draw the eye and bring a touch of glamour to any small bedroom. If you don’t want to go full dramatics, you could even mix and match with some softer tones from our other collections of silk bedding. Get creative with it!

The illusion of space

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, you can do one of two things. Either you can embrace the size and lean into cosy themes, or you can create the illusion of space by adding full length mirrors, gauzy curtains and reflective bedding. Both styles can be beautiful when executed properly, but only one will give the appearance of a spacious, airy room.

To achieve this sophisticated, modern look, strategically place mirrors in your small bedroom that will reflect clear space and, if you have them, windows. Into this brightly lit, illusion room, add some shimmering, reflective bedding such as our Signature Collection in Silver Grey. This bedding will gently reflect light while adding a touch of glamour to your now not-so-small bedroom.

Struggling to get started? Take a look through all of our luxurious silk bedding collections online at Gingerlily and find the perfect style for you.