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How to Design a Maximalist Bedroom

Say goodbye to the decluttering, minimal trends of the previous few years and hello to maximalism. The opposite to minimalism’s bare necessities mentality, this new design craze, which has taken the internet by storm in recent months, takes a dramatic ‘more is more’ approach to interior design. Endlessly creative, maximalist decor is known for its lively patterns and bold colourways, which are often accompanied by a large volume of furniture and accessories. In essence, maximalism is about making the most of a space and is characterised by playfulness, energy and extravagance.

Whether you feel that your bedroom needs more character and are looking to maximise its potential, or you’re keen to redecorate your room with all kinds of intriguing trinkets and unique furniture pieces, we will provide a detailed look at the popular maximalist trend. If you’re looking to fill your room with captivating accessories, luxurious fixtures and dramatic patterns, read our guide as we walk you through our tips on how to make the most of your interiors and create the perfect maximalist bedroom.

What is the maximalist style?

A trend that has recently witnessed high demand, maximalism incorporates a wide range of areas including fashion and interior decor and, for the most part, revolves around self-expression. Playful and experimental by design, maximalist interiors pose a unique challenge to designers hoping to bring their own personal touch to the trend, without creating an ‘overloaded’ appearance. To create an attractive balance between vibrancy and coherence, we recommend ensuring that all of your chosen elements (at least loosely) follow a main structure of colours, accents and patterns. This will help to produce a coordinated look, and therefore avoid the risk of creating an uneven appearance.

From bedrooms that follow a strong vintage theme, to rooms that adopt a more contemporary and energetic style, a simple internet search for ‘maximalist bedroom’ will bring up an array of busy and colourful examples. A term that simply means 'more', when considering what would set a maximalist interior apart from other, muted trends, the answer usually involves outgoing patterns, lively colours and fabrics, with the addition of many accessories and furniture to successfully illustrate your chosen theme.

How do you decorate a bedroom in the maximalist style?

Knowing the definition and general basics of the trend are the first steps to successfully achieving this style, but understanding how to bring maximalist interior design to a room without risking a cluttered appearance can be a challenging skill to master. Fortunately, in the maximalist vs minimalist debate, one of the well-loved freedoms of maximalist design is the lack of rules. Rather than carefully keeping shelves clear and matching subtle colour tones and patterns, maximalism encourages extravagance and playfulness, giving you free reign over decorating your room. Even so, it’s important not to take this too literally.

Instead, choose a number of your favourite colours and repeat these throughout the room before looking at the appropriate furniture and accessories that follow the same colour. However, try not to be tempted to follow a plain white or beige style. Instead, challenge yourself to select bold, interesting hues and designs. As a general rule, if something feels unique, outgoing and bound to catch the eye, the chances are that you’re on the right lines. Featuring a number of other elements that should be considered when incorporating maximalist decor, read our advice below on how you can effectively create a maximalist bedroom.

Search for quirky furniture and maximalist bedding

From an extravagant vintage chair complete with traditional detailing and layden with cushions, to a bed frame featuring a distinctive shape and finished with maximalist bedding, utilising captivating elements and spreading them throughout a space is a key ingredient to this unique style. Capable of creating an adventurous feel, searching for quirky furniture and enhancing it with additional maximalist decor and soft furnishings is a great way to achieve your desired look.

While sourcing unique furniture pieces is best done in antique shops and fairs, picking out maximalist bedding can prove more difficult. There are a wide range of materials, patterns, colours and shapes to choose from, but our favourite element to include is silk. A versatile material which lends itself to many interior design styles, silk offers a clean, silky and reflective base which can be easily woven into a maximalist interior design scheme, especially when bold colours and patterns are chosen.

Gingerlily tangleweed bedding

The majority of our Gingerlily silk bedding can be used to create a more vibrant appearance, such as our brand new Gingerlily x Madeux collection. Featuring pinks, blues and whites, this luxurious bedding collection has been made using a classic stripe, carefully detailed with antique tangleweed and rattan designs, and can be combined to create the ultimate maximalist spread.

Choose statement colours

Following an intense colour palette that isn’t for the more minimal, faint-hearted designers, maximalism is much more flexible and it can therefore be more acceptable to bend the rules. To achieve this trend, consider using your favourite statement colours to create a striking appearance, such as bold blues, reds, greens, as well as deep navy blue and black colours. While some might prefer to alleviate statement hues through adding lighter accents to the room, the majority of those following the maximalist interior design trend prefer to go all out with colours which are as bold and playful as possible.

gingerlily charcoal bedding

Part of the signature plain colours collection, if you’re on the hunt for deeper hues, our interior design experts advise choosing the dramatic and highly sophisticated navy silk duvet cover and pillowcase. However, if you prefer to go even darker still, take a look at our charcoal bed linen collection, which can be paired with white cushions to create a fuller and more even look. Alternatively, if you’re searching for lighter maximalist bedding, the sand silk bedding collection, or the vintage pink duvet and pillowcase maintain statement hues, while providing the flexibility to be coordinated and layered with lighter bedding.

Add a sense of individuality

Not unlike the feeling of looking at a blank page and trying to fill it with words, starting to design your own maximalist interior can be overwhelming. With so many colours, patterns and unique pieces to incorporate, it can be hard to make your decor choices, but if you're struggling to know which direction to take, we recommend following the patrons of this style: the avid collectors.

Known for their particular approach to maximalist interior design, collectors typically try to centre a space around a particular object, piece of art, or something else important to them. For instance, art collectors might place a large painting in the space that depicts an energetic pattern and saturated colours. As a result, the theme of the designs and colours they incorporate are likely to evolve from this particular painting. Equally, if someone collects ornaments, these are what they might base their room around, drawing inspiration from a particular object, or collection, to add character to the rest of the room.

Incorporate bold patterns and prints

Forget white walls. Whether it be vintage florals, an intriguing print of an animal or human, or a dramatic pattern, maximalist wallpaper, as well as striking accessories, ultimately form the backbone of this style. As a result, if styled correctly, this interior trend can do a highly effective job at catching the eye. However, our interior experts at Gingerlily advise that the patterns, as well as other designs added to the room, should follow a statement appearance, such as swirly prints, large, bold images and more, which can make the space appear fuller rather than adding more furniture that might result in a crammed look.

coral fern collection

From bolsters to rounded or square cushions and more, the Gingerlily coral fern collection has been created in collaboration with the well-established designer, illustrator, and colour consultant, Vanessa Konig. While the soft heritage colours might seem like a more minimal style, the unique pattern of these bedding accessories coordinate perfectly with the maximalist trend. A stylish addition, the ruffles on each cushion also add emphasis to this look. And if you're looking to create full bedspread in true maximalist style, the green and pink colours from this range are the best hues to create a seamless yet unique blend.

Find maximalist bedding at Gingerlily

Made using the finest mulberry silk, our products can be used to create an idyllic maximalist interior. From the Gingerlily x Madeux collection to the coral fern range, our premium quality bedding is designed to offer endless comfort and style. Whether you’re going for a loud, maximalist appearance or a more traditional patterned look, browse our full range of Gingerlily silk bedding and find the perfect style for your room.