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A Guide To Silk For Hair Care

Silk as a material has long been renowned as a luxurious item. Known for it’s stunning, gliding properties and shimmering tones, it is now widely used in pillowcases and hair wraps to help protect and stimulate healthy hair. So, if you’ve ever wanted a small glimmer into what it’s like to sleep as royalty, now is as good a time as any to try it out and sleep on a silk pillowcase. Chances are, you’ve probably seen these silk pillowcases and hair wraps popping up in articles and across your social media feeds, and no they aren’t just another influencer marketing product. Sleeping on silk has been proven to prevent hair breakage and frizz. In this article, we are going to examine what silk protein really is, why it’s good for you and how silk pillowcases can benefit your hair, whatever your hair type.

Why silk for hair?

Many beauty editors describe silk for hair as a beauty sleep weapon; it can help extend the lifespan of your blowdry, prevent split ends and help keep your bed head under control. The reason why silk is recommended over cotton is because silk allows your hair and skin to move smoothly along the pillowcase without absorbing any of your hair’s natural moisture.

What is silk protein for hair?

Silk is a natural fibre and contains lots of useful proteins that are known for their ability to rejuvenate the hair. It’s able to do this as it contains several of the amino acids that are needed to produce keratin. As the keratin penetrates the hair, it builds a defence against breakage by forming a protective barrier on the hair, increasing its elasticity and smoothing strands together.

Will a silk pillowcase help my hair type?

The best part about a silk pillowcase for hair is that it works for every hair type. Whether you’ve got curly, frizzy, short, long or thick hair, it can leave anyone with a longer lie-in in the morning as it can make styling your hair much easier! If you’re a member of the curly hair club, a silk pillowcase for curly hair is amazing as it can help to maintain the strength of your curls. Made from fine woven silk fibres, your hair will glide smoothly over the surface rather snagging, making your curls bouncy instead of dragging them down. And for the ones with non-curly haired, if your hair is particularly thick or frizzy, this is a worthwhile investment as it helps prevent kinks and unwanted flyaways. Alternatively, if your hair is naturally straight a silk pillowcase will maintain this. The natural properties in the silk pillowcase help you to preserve your hairstyle as it prevents your locks from rubbing up against your pillowcase whilst you sleep.

Why is silk pillowcase good for hair?

For the care of your hair, it truly is beneficial to sleep on a beautiful silk pillowcase. Typically pillowcases are made from materials like cotton and this can cause friction, resulting in hair breakage. But, the natural properties of silk, most commonly known for its smooth surface, helps reduce this friction, leaving your hair protected from split ends and frizz. Silk itself has a molecular structure that keeps moisture in your hair, leaving it soft and free from tangles. It is this structure that makes it such an amazing product to keep your hair full of life, and it adds a touch of luxury to your bedroom too. Additionally, silk acts as a natural cooling defence which prevents you from sweating keeping your hair from acting out from extra moisture, meaning less frequent washes!

Silk pillowcases for your hair can change the entire game for you. A silk pillowcase naturally prevents breakage and split ends through its natural properties and can reduce heat usage as it smooths your hair for you (without damaging it!)

Simply, this is an amazing product which can reduce your getting ready time and how often you need to wash your hair. It protects your natural oils and leaves you with silky, smooth tresses time and time again. For the ideal ‘starter’ silk pillowcase, take a look at our Gingerlily Beauty Box Silk Pillowcase and experience the hair benefits for yourself!