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Bedroom design trends for 2021

As 2020 draws to a close, the time has come to look forward to the future and make some predictions for what will soon become the most popular interior design trends of 2021.

Bold patterns and colour schemes have dominated this year’s aesthetics, with influences from Scandinavia and Japan rising in popularity to create rooms that are characterful and uncluttered. While many of these themes are set to remain on trend in the new year, some new and exciting ideas are gaining momentum in the world of interior design, with lush blue tones, tropical themes and complex patterning leading the way.

In this post, we will be updating you on the freshest design trends for bedrooms in 2021 and detailing how you can achieve these stylish looks in your own home.

Nature inspired patterns

If anything good has come out of 2020, it is our new-found respect for nature. Our collective change in attitude, inspired by the countless worldwide eco-friendly campaigns that have run this year, has sparked a multitude of earth and sea themed patterns that can be found in both fashion and in interior design.

From luscious forests, flourishing flowers to underwater wonders, the design world has become obsessed with incorporating nature into our lives. Gingerlily has not been idle either, partnering with interior designer, illustrator and colour consultant Vanessa Konig to create a stunning collection of coral inspired silk bedding.

The Gingerlily X Vanessa Konig Collection comes in three colourways and features three frilled cushions in different shapes, a simple base colour cushion and matching eiderdown to complete the look.

Vintage pink

Having existed in the forefront of interior design for over two years now, the ever popular soft pink colour palette has remained on-trend throughout 2020, and is showing no signs of slowing down yet.

To create this ever enduring trend in your own home, we recommend taking a look through our Signature Vintage Pink Collection. Featuring the muted, pink colour scheme that is central to this trend, our silk pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets have a beautifully delicate sheen to them that radiate timeless elegance.

Not just a passing fancy, you can expect to see this beautifully soft and warming colour scheme everywhere in 2021.

Romantic French simplicity

There are plenty of terms that can be used to describe 2020, with hectic, unpredictable and messy being only a few that spring to mind. For 2021, wipe the slate clean by leaning into simple, romantic elegance with a French twist.

With so many beautifully romantic trends having come out of France, it's unsurprising that they have another one gaining popularity just in time for the new year and the theme surrounding this bedroom trend is simplicity; clean white sheets, glossy finishes and subtle detailing.

Stay on trend this new year with our Jacquard Woven Design Collection in Eva White which features all the best style staples for this increasingly popular bedroom trend.

Tropical luxury

Another trend that is arising as a direct result of the pandemic sweeping the world is the tropical luxury bedroom trend. With increasingly cold weather making us wish we hadn’t been forced to cancel our summer holidays this year, the tropical theme is growing in a wave of hopeful nostalgia.

Common features of the tropical luxury trend lean towards leafy patterns that conjure images of tropical bliss and indulgent golden hues that are reminiscent of the sandy beaches and rays of sunshine we’ve all been missing.

If you’re looking to indulge in this luxurious trend in your own bedroom, our Tropical Sand Silk Bedding Collection is the perfect centrepiece.

Creating eye-catching contrasts

With simplistic, uncluttered trends proving to be remarkably enduring over the last year, it's refreshing to see a new, more exciting trend growing in popularity for interior designers to play around with.

This trend is defined by the creation of unique contrasts within the bedroom that are designed to draw the eye. A little trickier to achieve than more simplistic trends, contrasts must be jarring enough to shock the eye without outright warring with one another. The goal is to create surprisingly complementary patterns and colours, not clashes that can't work together to create an overall cohesive look.

If you’re looking to play it safe and use a tried and tested collection, the contrast between the Moroccan style pattern and the icy blue colourway of the Casablanca Silk Bedding Collection at Gingerlily is the perfect way to create this trend in your own bedroom.

Looking to recreate these beautiful bedroom trends in time for 2021? Shop the latest styles of silk bedding online at Gingerlily.