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Blue Bedroom Ideas 2023

More often than not, bedrooms are designed with a relaxing and tranquil feel in mind, with most people viewing this space as a relaxing sanctuary to retreat to at the end of the day, as well as a place to rest and recuperate to help prepare them for the next. From the walls to the decor, to help you unwind after a busy day and achieve a good nights’ sleep, it’s often advised that every design element should be carefully considered to help create an optimum sleeping environment. 

While you may wish to follow your own individual taste when incorporating some design elements into your bedroom, such as using a certain pattern or style of decor, we also recommend choosing a colour that can help to add a tranquil feel to the space. A popular hue used in bedrooms, blue is often associated with a number of positive psychological effects that can have the potential to enhance your sleep quality. Seen to promote a relaxing space through calming the mind, blue is frequently viewed as a preferred option when decorating a bedroom due to the soothing atmosphere it can create. However, if you’re planning to decorate your bedroom and blue has become your colour of choice, there are a number of points that we recommend considering before you begin to style your brand new blue-themed space.

Whether you’re looking to use a light or navy colour palette, read on to discover our favourite blue bedroom ideas and inspiration. From bedding to patterns, decor and more, this blog will provide some expert tips and advice on how to style and decorate a blue bedroom in 2023. 

Is blue a good colour for a bedroom?

A calming colour that can be closely related to certain elements of the natural world, such as the sea and sky, incorporating any shade of blue into your interiors is often seen as an effective way to introduce a natural theme into your home. Reminiscent of a number of calming outdoor activities, such as countryside staycations and coastal walks, this tranquil colour choice can be blended with an assortment of nature or coastal-inspired designs when decorating an interior space.

However, if a nature-inspired theme isn’t the look you’re going for, another great reason to incorporate blue into your interiors is that it’s well-known for being a highly versatile colour, which can be used alongside a multitude of design styles and techniques as a result of its adaptability. Whether you’re looking to blend or contrast this colour with a combination of other design elements, a variety of blue hues can be used to create an idyllic interior. While light blues tend to lend themselves to a minimalist colour scheme, or can be used alongside other pastel colours, navy shades are often used with deep tones and textures, as well as vintage detailing. 

What colour goes with blue in a bedroom?

Whether you’re looking to utilise an all-blue theme, or you would prefer to use a particular shade of blue alongside other colours, such as white or grey, there are a number of ways you can use this colour to transform any space into a peaceful retreat, while also ensuring that plenty of natural light reaches the space. From navy blue bedroom ideas, to white and blue bedroom inspiration, our interior experts at Gingerlily have compiled some examples below on how best to incorporate blue in your sanctuary.

White and blue bedroom ideas

Blue Tangleweed Bedding

Tangleweed Blue Bedding - products from £114.00

Although some people may associate vintage detailing with being used alongside dark blue shades for a more traditional effect, there is no hard and fast rule stating that rooms should be designed this way. For instance, light floral patterns have been used as the wallpaper of choice in the image above to create a vintage-style theme, while the light blue and white shades on the bedding blend seamlessly with the wallpaper colour, as well as the surrounding objects. 

Cary silk cushions

Cary Silk Cushions - products from £160.00

If you’re aiming to achieve a particular look, such as a vintage or nature-inspired theme, the Gingerlily tangleweed blue bedding can be paired with our cary silk cushions. While a sharper contrast can be created with the addition of an ocean blue throw, which draws on nature-inspired shades. If you’re looking to vary this even further, mix and match the tangleweed blue designs with our pink tangleweed pillowcases, creating a closer bond between the bedding and pink accents in the wallpaper above.

Navy blue bedroom ideas

Navy silk

Navy Silk Bed Linen - products from £96.00

If you would prefer to use navy blue as a dominant colour in your bedroom, combining this with dark colours and tones such as black allows for a unique and distinctive combination. If you simply use your room for sleeping, this can create a dark and restful room. However, if you’re looking to use your bedroom for other purposes, such as a working from home space, we recommend using navy silk bedding to help reflect the natural light coming into the room, which should be entering the space through large windows that allow plenty of brightness in. While, to help further elevate the space, we also advise incorporating white objects for an uplifting effect.

Further Blue Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration

If the colour suggestions above don’t quite meet your design requirements, we’ve listed a few additional examples below to provide you with more blue bedroom ideas to help inspire you to create a calming space that you're bound to love.

teal signature collection

Gingerlily Teal Signature Collection - products from £96.00

Whether you’re looking to create an open studio-style bedroom, or a space inspired by the coast, our signature teal bedding collection provides the perfect statement effect when paired with other colours suited to the room, as pictured above. 

The light blue bedding along with the white walls and flooring play an important part in this space, welcoming more natural light into the room. This can help you feel more awake in the morning, while also making your bedroom suitable as a working from home space. Light blue and white colours can also add a minimalist appearance to your interiors, while navy blues can be utilised as a backdrop, adding both contrast and personality, which can elevate the space.

herringbone silk throw

Herringbone Silk Throw - £165.00

If you have finished decorating your bedroom but feel that it might have too much of an ‘open’ or ‘airy’ feel, try adding some homely elements, which might help to create a more comfortable and closed off space. For instance, we would recommend adding some cushions to your bedspread, which feature contrasting colours to help add some variety to your existing bedding, as well as a silk throw to add a contemporary Scandinavian feel to your interior space.

coral fern cushions

Coral Fern Cushions - from £79.50

If you’re thinking of incorporating two or three shades of blue into your room but you’re wondering how best to strike a balance between the light and darker tones, achieving this is easier than you might think. First, we recommend using the lighter blue tones as the main colours in the space, and even incorporating some whites. To create a bright and coastal-inspired feel, we also advise using light blue and white colours on your bedding, walls, and  furniture, such as your bedside table or chest of drawers.Once you’ve incorporated brighter tones into the space, you can begin to add the dark blue accents, which can add a sense of symmetry to the space, as evident in the lamps above. 

If you wish to bulk up your bedspread, adding white bedding as a backdrop to your blue bed linen can help create a statement interior by sharpening the contrast between the blues. If you’re not sure which blue cushions to use on your bed, our coral fern cushions provide a serene and natural feel while creating harmony between the different shades of blue.

Blue Bedroom Ideas for 2023 at Gingerlily

Ready to create a calm and tranquil sleeping environment? Helping to provide you with a selection of luxurious blue bedding ideas and inspiration, browse our range of blue bedding and accessories at Gingerlily and create a tranquil atmosphere.