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How can silk help your skin?

There’s a reason the term ‘beauty sleep’ was coined, and that’s because getting quality sleep and enough of it is a huge factor in your overall appearance, and of course not only that but also how you feel through the day. While sleep is of course primarily important for physical health reasons, why not maximise it to reap some beauty benefits too.

It’s no secret that using a silk pillowcase has risen in popularity of late, with cult-beauty fans deeming it their new favourite ‘skincare product’. There's a reason for this, as not only does silk fabric have many benefits for sleep, but for your skin too.

In this blog post, we explore the various ways that using a silk pillowcase can benefit your skin.

Reduced fine lines and prevention of wrinkles

Due to the naturally smooth texture of silk, our skin is able to glide over the fabric throughout the night. Typically, a cotton pillowcase can ‘drag’ the skin and imprint creases and lines into it. Over time, these creases and lines can become permanent, particularly because as the skin ages it lacks in collagen, which is the ‘bounce-back’ hormone that elasticises the skin.

By using a silk pillowcase over a long-term basis, you can prevent these lines from forming and ensure that your skin isn’t damaged by tough materials throughout the night, as silk is proven to cause less friction.

Reduced oil production

When using a cotton pillowcase, a fabric that has a high absorption rate, through the night oils can be transferred from the skin and into the pillow. Because of this, the skin naturally tries to replenish the oil lost through the night, resulting in a much oilier complexion that can cause clogged pores and breakouts.

Silk has a very low absorption rate, and so ensures that the natural oils are kept on the face, which helps to maintain the correct levels of oil needed for the skin for hydration purposes. This prevents an increase in oil production and therefore prevents further skin complaints caused by excess oil.

Keeps skincare products in place

Again, because of the low absorption rate of silk, any serums, treatments and moisturisers that have been applied to the skin will be kept in place throughout the night so that they can work to their full potential.

When using an absorbent material such as cotton, a lot of our skincare products can be transferred throughout the night and absorbed by the pillow. This means they have not been fully absorbed by the skin and so a lot of the benefit of the product is lost (as well as the money spent on these products!).

Cooling and non-allergenic properties

Silk fabric is naturally temperature regulating, meaning that it doesn’t become too warm during sleep. The benefits of this are two-fold; as the skin is kept cool, it is less likely to flare up with redness and rashes that are caused by flushes of heat during the night. And, because your skin is kept cool, this reduces the likelihood of experiencing a hot flush, meaning sleep disturbance is prevented, resulting in better quality sleep and better cell renewal for your skin.

Silk is also a non-allergenic fabric, which means that sleep disturbance caused by allergies through the night is also somewhat prevented, again resulting in better quality sleep which is a definite plus point for your skin.

Improved acne

As silk is a smoother textured material, there is less rubbing and friction caused, as mentioned previously. Combined with silk being far less absorbent, non-allergenic and dust-mite free, this is a powerful blend to prevent the formation of bacteria that you might find on a typical cotton pillowcase. In turn, this means less bacteria being exposed to the skin and so works to prevent breakouts caused by bacteria.

While the scientific evidence surrounding silk can’t absolutely guarantee you’ll be free from breakouts forevermore, it certainly can help to reduce the appearance of acne and prevent new blemishes from forming.

All of these great skin benefits work together while you sleep, without you having to so much as lift a finger! Not only can you receive a luxurious beauty treatment night after night when using a silk pillowcase, but the natural proteins of the material also help to ensure that you stay asleep, doubling each and every benefit - as improved sleep means improved appearance!

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