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How to choose a colour scheme for your bedroom

For those among us that haven’t spent years carefully studying colour theory and interior design trends, designing your dream bedroom can be a daunting task full of indecision and hesitation, with the most difficult part being figuring out where to start.

If you’re stuck staring at your blank page of a bedroom, wondering the same thing, we suggest you get started by looking at popular colour schemes. Not only is this a great way to start feeling inspired, but choosing a colour scheme will also streamline your other interior design decisions and help make the process of creating a harmonious, beautiful bedroom a lot easier.

Take a look through our favourite bedroom colour scheme ideas - you might just find your dream design or some inspiration to help with your decision.

How to pick a colour scheme

Before we take a look at the beautiful colour schemes, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Not every scheme will work for every bedroom so, while you’re looking through your options and getting inspired, it’s important to remember the following elements:

  • Bedroom size - While the size of your bedroom won’t always affect your decision making process for picking a colour scheme, if you have a particularly small bedroom, choosing colours that are bold won’t work so well as they would in a larger space. If you do have a small bedroom, we suggest taking a look at our ‘How to decorate a small bedroom’ blog post, which has all the best advice on how to make the most of your space.
  • Bedroom brightness - Brightness is a huge part of what colour schemes are likely to work in your bedroom so, while you’re looking through our list of inspiring designs, consider how much light your room gets. If you get plenty of light, you can consider the darker colour schemes but, if your bedroom window is North facing, you are better off making the most of the little light you do get with a bright colour scheme.
  • Personal Tastes - While looking at the trending colour schemes is a great way to inspire your own decision, you should always choose what works well for you before whatever is popular. This is your bedroom and, in order to make it your personal sanctuary, it needs to reflect your personal taste. Consider injecting a little of your style by taking your favourite colour and building a scheme from there.

Champagne Neutrals

The epitome of romantic style, the champagne neutral colour scheme is an easy way to introduce some class into your bedroom. Simply start with a soft golden shade for your walls, add some floating sheer curtains and style your bed with the Signature Gingerlily Silk Bedding collection in Blush. For decorations, don’t stray too far from your base neutral colour, but feel free to experiment with beautiful cream furniture and flowers as we have to truly tie the room together.

Blue and White

For a soothing, tranquil space that’ll make you look forward to waking up in the morning, there’s nothing better than a blue and white colour scheme. Blue is loved by interior designers for the ease with which you can layer different tones, so don’t be afraid to get a little creative. In our take on this colour scheme, we’ve taken a neutral backdrop, chosen a stunning deep teal bed frame and coordinated it with our very own St Tropez silk bedding collection for a luxuriously calm design scheme.

Alternatively, if you’d rather swap the colours around and have blue bedding with white features, we suggest taking a look at our stunning Signature Collection in Teal. This beautiful teal colour works spectacularly against a white wall backdrop and, with light blue flourishes completing the look by the way of small decorations, you’ll have a relaxing bedroom in no time.

Vintage Pinks

For a bedroom that radiates old Hollywood charm and glamour, you need a colour scheme made up of vintage pinks, rose golds and clean whites. To replicate this look in your own bedroom, simply take our Signature Collection silk bedding set in Rose Pink as a base. With its subtle pink hues and beautiful reflective sheen, this base is made to be complemented by the frills and ruffles of the Gingerlily X Vanessa Konig collection in Pink. Even as little as the timeless silk eiderdown and frilled scatter cushions can transform a space into a glamourous retreat. Finish off the look with some vintage style furniture - we’re talking elegantly upcycled dressers and dramatic free standing mirrors.

Golden Neutrals

Having a colour scheme does not mean you can’t indulge in some beautiful prints, in fact, most colour schemes are used more as a style guide to help ensure all of your bedroom ideas are cohesive than as a strict design plan. Use your scheme to find stunning, bold prints such as our Fraser Stripe Silk Bedding set. Contemporary, bold and outrageously luxurious, the two-tone stripe design fits perfectly with the golden neutrals colour scheme, while adding a little extra interest to the room.

Black and Silver

A long standing favourite colour scheme that we don’t see going out of style any time soon, the black and silver palette is a statement in monochrome. Easy to achieve with a splash of grey paint, black decor and luxurious silk bedding from the Signature Collection in Silver Grey, this modern colour scheme is perfect for creating a timeless, glamorous space to relax in. This scheme can also easily be enhanced by small pops of colour so, if you’re feeling especially creative, try introducing feature decorations to the room in complementary colours, such as the gold embellished screen we’ve styled it with.

Feeling inspired yet? Jump into your interior design plans by browsing through our beautiful silk bedding collections online at Gingerlily and find the perfect colour scheme for your bedroom.