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Vintage bedroom ideas: 5 Vintage styles for your bedroom

An elegant, charming trend that is constantly growing in popularity, beautiful vintage bedrooms are characterised by soft colours, delicate furnishings and plenty of unique flairs. In fact, the creativity that goes into designing a vintage bedroom is one of the things that has made the trend so popular, with every person bringing their own personal spin to the quirky style. Whether it’s a refurbished wicker rocking chair piled high with stunning scatter cushions or a mix-and-matched vintage bedding set, these extra touches are the centrepiece of any vintage bedroom.

On the lookout for unique vintage bedroom ideas to help inspire your own interior decorating? In this post, we’ll be going through five ways to design a dreamy vintage bedroom entirely unique to you and your tastes. So, whether you need some help picking out the perfect romantic furniture, can’t decide which patterns to use or are ready to finish off the look with some classy vintage bedding, we’re here to lend some guidance.

Create a vintage bedroom colour scheme

While the vintage bedroom style is characterised by individuality and free-choice, there is a mutually agreed colour scheme that best suits the vintage style. In this, soft, silky creams dominate while pops of colour are interspersed across the space. Soft blues, pale greens and delicate yellows are popular options. Our only advice would be to style your vintage bedroom without dark or intense colours, and avoid excess earthy tones too - they’re a little too neutral for the subtle extravagance of a vintage bedroom.

There are two ways to start building a colour scheme for your vintage bedroom. The first is to start at the walls, picking a suitably creamy paint and complementary vintage wallpaper to adapt them to the style. The second way is to start with the focal point of the room: the bed.

Selecting vintage bedding according to a colour scheme is a great way to guide all your other purchases and decorating plans as it allows you to get your primary colours into the space right away. As we’ve said, opting for a creamy colour palette with added soft colours is the most classic choice, and one that is done perfectly by mixing and matching two of the best vintage style bedding sets at Gingerlily; the Signature ivory and vintage pink collections.

Mix and match vintage style patterns

If you’re struggling to build a colour scheme, either because you can’t settle on a favourite soft colour to complement the creamy tones or don’t know whether to start from the walls or the bed, why not mix it up? There are hundreds of trends that sit within the vintage style and they’re just as good a place to start as any. The vintage bedroom trend of mixing and matching vintage style patterns, for example, is the perfect way to build an interesting and unique vintage style bedroom.

Mixing patterns can be a little intimidating, but there's a simple trick to avoiding clashing patterns. Instead of picking the brightest, boldest patterns and hoping for the best, try selecting vintage patterns that share some common ground. Whether they both feature floral details or share the same colour palettes, these little touches can help to tie contrasting patterns together to create one beautiful, harmonious vintage bedroom.

The Gingerlily Casablanca silk bedding collection lends itself perfectly to pattern mixing. Featuring a subtle, elegant pattern that pairs easily with patterns in a shared colour scheme, we recommend matching this stunning vintage style bedding with a pale blue patterned wallpaper. Thanks to the relative simplicity of the Casablanca collection, you also have more freedom to go bold with your choice of additional pattern, and choosing a textured, busy wallpaper is the perfect way to do that.

One of a kind vintage bedroom

One of the reasons we love the vintage style is because of its creative, individualistic nature. Use your creative flair and add personal touches throughout the room. Whether you’re draping a hand-knitted blanket over the back of an armchair, have bought and upcycled an old armoire or are designing something brand new, make your vintage bedroom feel more one of a kind.

While there is an endless number of personalised touches you can make in your own vintage bedroom, we love the idea of crafting something new. At Gingerlily, the stunning silk used to make the vintage style bedding in our Gingerlily X Vanessa Konig collection can be bought by the metre, giving you the perfect opportunity to test your interior design skills and create something unique.

If you need any advice on how best to use this stunning, coral fern patterned silk in your interior design schemes, or would like to place an order, simply send an enquiry to our team through our contact us page or email us at

Make the most of mismatched furniture

A continuation of the quirky, one of a kind aesthetic that really makes a vintage bedroom feel complete, filling your space with mismatched furniture is an easy way to add to the overall look. While this method of making a vintage style bedroom may seem expensive at first, it doesn’t need to be. Instead of ordering brand new furniture, try looking online, visiting charity furniture shops and scouring car boot sales to find unique, old-fashioned pieces of furniture for your bedroom. If you have any decorating skills, you could even repaint or reupholster some pieces to return them to their former glory.

As with the mixing of patterns, choosing mismatched pieces of furniture that share a common attribute is the easiest way to ensure your vintage bedroom doesn’t clash. We recommend doing this by adding subtle style pieces to each piece of furniture. If you have a white metal bed, a painted teal dressing table and an old-fashioned armchair, for example, try tying the three pieces together with the beautiful Signature teal silk bedding collection from Gingerlily.

Not only will the soft teal tone of the vintage style bedding match with the painted dressing table but, with the teal Windsor silk bedspread draped over the armchair, all three pieces will work seamlessly together to create a coordinated, luxurious feel.

Spruce the space up with some finishing touches

The last step in designing a charming, comfortable vintage bedroom is to add a few finishing touches. Not only can this go a long way to making the bedroom feel more complete and tied together, but it can also make the room more liveable and cosy. Scatter cushions in particular add to the cosy, comfortable feel of any room, and adding vintage style decorative pillows to the bed and any seating areas can help to emphasise the vintage style.

At Gingerlily we have a wide range of stylish silk cushions to choose from that are perfect for adding an extra layer of luxury to your bedroom. The silk cushions that best fit the vintage style are the block colour decorative pillows from our Windsor collection and the traditional frilly cushions from the Gingerlily X Vanessa Konig collection. While the Windsor cushions offer a more refined, modern take on vintage luxury, the round, bolster and frilled square cushions of the Konig collection lean into a more traditional vintage look.

Find vintage style bedding at Gingerlily

Crafted from 100% mulberry silk, everything from our block colour Signature collections to the dramatic Vanessa Konig vintage style bedding is made to the highest quality, offering you ultimate comfort along with effortless style.

Whatever style of vintage bedroom you’re looking to create in your home, find all the vintage bedding and silk soft furnishings you need to complete the look at Gingerlily.