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What are the benefits of using a mattress topper?

A bedding essential that is often overlooked, a mattress topper can work wonders on both you and your mattress. Whether you’re searching for a comfortable and supportive solution that can help to improve your sleep, or you’re looking to add some comfort to an otherwise uncomfortable mattress, a mattress topper can help you get a good nights’ rest while allowing your existing mattress to last for longer. 

From silk mattress toppers to memory foam options, once you’ve read the benefits of a mattress topper, you will also need to find the best type of mattress topper for you. Since they are available in a number of sizes and are made from a range of materials, we would recommend that you choose an option that has the correct level of support that you need and one that will fit your mattress. Read on as our silk bedding experts at Gingerlily walk you through the benefits of using a mattress topper and the different types that are available.

What is a mattress topper?

Whether you have a mattress that needs some additional cushioning to soften it out, or one that has been worn down over the years, a mattress topper is an extra layer that can be fitted on a mattress for an extra level of comfort and support. Providing a suitable alternative compared to purchasing a completely new mattress, this bedding essential can help to give an old mattress a brand new feel. However, this can also help to lengthen the lifespan of a newer mattress. Available in a variety of sizes and thickness levels, there are options for beds of almost any size.

Why use a mattress topper?

Whether you’re looking for something to provide enhanced comfort, an extra layer to help support you while you sleep, or to help your existing mattress last for longer, there are a wide range of reasons why people decide to purchase a mattress topper. To help you decide whether a mattress topper is the right choice for you, we’ve listed the main benefits of using this bedding piece below. 

Provides a supportive base that delays mattress sagging

A mattress topper not only provides a soft base for you to rest on, but it can also help to increase how supportive your mattress is by reducing the pressure placed on the springs. In the case of a memory foam mattress which doesn’t use springs, a mattress topper will help to reduce the appearance of dents after prolonged use. Ultimately, this can help to significantly delay your mattress from sagging too soon and help it to provide the correct level of support for longer. 

Increases the lifespan of your mattress

Using a mattress topper can also help to delay the general wear and tear of your mattress, ultimately increasing its lifespan. If you’re not confident that the mattress topper will be enough, one extra tip to help your mattress last for longer is to invest in a turnable mattress, ensuring you flip this over every couple of weeks while you’re also using the topper.

Less maintenance

While it’s recommended that you lightly clean a mattress every couple of weeks, and conduct a deep clean around every 6 months, you can reduce the need for this level of maintenance even further by purchasing a mattress topper. Acting as a barrier to help reduce the number of stains and general wear, mattress toppers can help to reduce the need to clean your mattress so often. As for the toppers themselves, simply put these in the wash around every three months. 

Additional comfort

The soft and flexible properties of a mattress topper means that you’ll be adding an extra level of comfort to your mattress. While combining a mattress and topper to create a sense of harmony and balance is also a great way to create a comfortable environment. For instance, if you have recently bought a new mattress and you find it’s too firm and difficult to sleep on but are still looking for some support, adding a mattress topper on to the mattress can help you to create a good balance. Mattress toppers are usually held in place by secure elasticated straps or ties, this ensures the fabric doesn’t move or bunch up during the night and ensures you’re kept comfortable.

Can help to improve sleep 

When you’re researching the benefits of a mattress topper, one thing that can often be overlooked is the fact they can help to improve your sleep. For example, if you’re struggling to sleep because your mattress is too soft due to prolonged use, or it’s too firm, adding a mattress topper can alleviate these issues while adding support and a more luxurious feel to your bedding.

Types of mattress topper

If you’ve read the benefits above and are now looking to purchase a mattress topper, you will next need to decide on the type you want to invest in. While we would always recommend investing in a silk mattress topper due to its effortlessly soft and luxurious feel, we have listed the three most popular types of mattress topper below, as well as the benefits of each one.

  • Wool - Since this is made from a natural material, it can help to reduce the risk of allergies, while also boasting a softer feel compared to other materials such as cotton.
  • Memory foam - Working in the same way as a memory foam mattress, memory foam mattress toppers provide a thinner layer that moulds to your body to provide extra comfort.
  • Silk - Comfortable and even softer and silkier than cotton, a silk mattress topper is hypoallergenic, smooth and it can help to regulate your temperature during cooler or warmer nights. 

silk mattress topper

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Silk Mattress Toppers at Gingerlily

If you’ve decided to go for a mattress topper, discover the benefits yourself and pre-order our luxurious mulberry silk mattress topper. If you’re looking for some additional bedding to compliment this, browse our collection of signature silk bedding.