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A definitive guide to Gingerlily pillow types

Many of us struggle to get a restful and undisturbed night’s sleep, often waking up during the night and failing to fall back asleep with ease. Some may even manage to sleep through the night but wake up with aches and pains that leave them feeling restless instead of refreshed. Poor sleep quality could have several causes, but one of the most common and overlooked reasons is simply that your pillow may not be the best option for you.

Each person has a preferred sleeping position and pillow thickness, and to ensure that we’re getting quality sleep, we need to choose a comfortable pillow with enough support to see us through the night. Changing your pillow type is a simple and effective way to improve your sleep quality so long as you choose one suited to you. If you require guidance, our experts are on hand to assist. Keep reading our guide to decide on the best pillow for you.

How to choose the right pillow type for you

When choosing the most suitable pillow for you, there are several factors to consider. These include, but aren’t limited to, the position in which you sleep, whether you tend to feel hot or cold at night, whether you have any allergies or skin conditions, whether you have any aches, pains or ailments and what your main priorities are when it comes to getting a restful night’s sleep. We break down some of these factors below, to help you determine which silk pillow could be best suited to meet all your needs.

Pillows for stomach sleepers

A stomach sleeper lays flat on their stomach with their head to one side. They may also have one leg bent or their arms placed next to their head. Whilst this position can be very comfortable, it does have its drawbacks because tension or discomfort can occur in the back or neck.

If you’re prone to sleeping in this position, we recommend opting for the 100% silk-filled pillow as this is one of our flatter options. Whilst a flat pillow isn’t everyone’s first choice, it’s perfect for stomach sleepers as it keeps your neck aligned with your spine to avoid aches and pains. Additionally, since the pillow is filled only with high-grade silk, you’ll be fully supported with no lumps or bumps that may come from the prolonged use of a traditional polyester-filled pillow. If you are used to a softer pillow and want added comfort, you can opt for a silk pillowcase to help you adjust to using a flatter option. Sumptuously soft silk can help to lull you into a blissful sleep and improve your overall sleep experience.

100% Silk Filled Pillow from £222

Lastly, stomach sleepers may benefit from placing an additional pillow under the pelvis to keep the spine aligned, though this option is best reserved for those who don’t tend to change positions or move much whilst asleep. Generally, sleep experts would suggest sleeping with only one pillow under your head to avoid misalignment of your spine and neck, however, adding pillows under your legs or stomach for added support when needed can be beneficial.

Pillows for side sleepers

A side sleeper lies either on the left or right side of their body, or may alternate between both through the night. This position means that the pillow will fit in the space between the shoulders and head.

The side sleeping position is very common and those who choose to sleep like this are more prone to neck pains because of the lack of appropriate support. In this instance, we’d recommend the mulberry silk blend pillow which features a polyester core encased in high-grade silk floss. This is a softer and fuller pillow than the 100% silk-filled option, which makes it perfect for supporting side sleepers. The pillow can also be turned sideways for those who prefer to ‘hug’ their pillow and provide support for the arms for a cosy sleeping position.

Pillows for back sleepers

Self-explanatory, a back sleeper is someone who lies directly on their back throughout their sleep cycle. It is said that this sleeping position is optimal for overall health and alignment.

A back sleeper requires a pillow that supports spine alignment without causing the neck to jut upward or press downward. Therefore, we would also recommend the mulberry silk blend pillow option for back sleepers, as the thicker core helps to support the neck and avoid an uncomfortable resting angle. The medium thickness of the mulberry silk blend pillow is the perfect density to avoid your head being raised too high or sinking into the mattress whilst the softer feel helps gently cradle the head and neck for optimum comfort.

Mulberry Silk Blend Pillow from £120

The benefits of silk covered pillows

We recommend silk-covered pillows for any type of sleeper, as the opulent fabric provides an unmatched softness and presents many natural benefits. You can read in more detail about these benefits in our ‘Can silk make a difference to your sleep?’ blog to understand why we’d recommend these pillows to anyone.

With that in mind, individuals who tend to move a lot when sleeping may find silk-covered pillows particularly beneficial because they help to reduce friction during movement as you glide over the fabric. Comparatively, other materials like cotton and polyester tend to snag at hair and dry out skin, which can cause irritation and damage, whereas silk works with your body to provide a comfortable place to rest and reduce any irritation.

At Gingerlily, there are two silk-covered pillow options available.  The 100% silk-filled and silk-covered pillow would be best suited to stomach sleepers as outlined above, and the silk blend-filled and silk-covered pillow would be best suited for side and back sleepers.

Silk Blend & Silk Covered Pillow from £185 & 100% Silk Filled & Covered Pillow from £285

Furthermore, a full silk pillow is the best option for individuals who have allergies or sensitivities. Silk is a naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabric, which repels mildew, mould, and dirt. Therefore, if you are waking up during the night with allergy-like symptoms it may be worth investing in a silk option to ensure you can sleep properly all year round.

Finally, another major benefit of silk is its ability to help regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Of course, a full silk bedding set would only amplify this benefit but a humble silk pillow alone is capable of transforming your sleep experience. We would strongly advise that you use a removable silk pillowcase with a silk-covered pillow as this will ensure increased durability and reduce the need for your pillow to be washed.

Experience a luxurious night’s sleep with Gingerlily

If you’re looking to improve your sleep, you’ve come to the right place. Gingerlily offers a range of silk pillows, bedding, and accessories that elevate both your sleep experience and your interior design scheme. We use only the finest-grade mulberry silk so that our customers can reap all of the benefits that this sumptuously soft material has to offer. Browse through our collections to find a silk-filled pillow that suits you.