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How Can Silk Make a Difference to your Night’s Sleep?

Creating the perfect sleeping environment can dramatically improve your quality of sleep. When thinking about our sleeping space, we think about colours, designs, firmness of the pillow and thickness of the duvet. However, by default, most of us tend to choose cotton or polyester as the material for our bedding. 

This comes as no surprise, as cotton dominates the textile market as it is a low-cost, low-maintenance material with many desirable qualities. Comparatively, silk offers its own unique advantages and is seen as more of an investment - especially when it comes to bedding. To further explore these two popular materials, you may wish to read our cotton vs silk blog. But for now, join our experts as we discuss how sleeping in silk can benefit your night’s sleep.

Benefits of sleeping in silk

There are many advantages of sleeping in silk that appertain to your hair and skin that we’ll mention later on, but the properties of silk also present numerous advantages that directly benefit your quality of sleep. Let’s take a closer look at those properties to understand why an investment in silk may be just what you need to improve your nightly routine.

Reduce sleep lines

When you wake up in the morning and take a look in the mirror, you may notice lines and patterns imprinted onto your face and body. Sleeping on cotton or other materials can cause these lines or imprints due to pressure and uneven surfaces. On occasion, these uneven surfaces may cause discomfort and disrupt your sleep. Sleep lines will fade through the day, but as we age we may notice that this takes longer as our skin starts to lose elasticity. 

Sleeping on silk helps to eliminate these lines by providing a smooth sleeping surface and removing any pressure. Additionally, with reduced friction, there’s less chance of waking up with skin irritations or blemishes caused by movement during the night. 

Stabilised body temperature

One of the main deciding factors in getting a good night’s sleep is whether you can regulate an ideal body temperature. Being too hot or too cold can disrupt your sleep throughout the night and create discomfort. Silk is a thermal regulator and can keep air captured between the threads, this creates a comfortable warm layer without trapping excess heat or letting body warmth escape. By adapting to your body temperature, silk can help you get a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Moisture-wicking properties

Building on from the last point, silk is naturally moisture-wicking which allows for increased ventilation. Silk draws excess moisture away from the body and, due to its breathability, it can disperse the moisture rather than retain it in the fabric. This means that the bed sheets won’t feel damp or uncomfortable due to the absorption of excess moisture, helping to improve your quality of sleep.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic material which makes it ideal for sensitive sleepers, including those who regularly suffer from skin and breathing conditions. Silk is a 100% natural material that contains sericin, a protein that is antibacterial and antifungal which helps to repel mould and dust mites. In addition to this, silk also contains 18 essential amino acids that present many benefits to the hair and skin, including skin hydration and regeneration, which is ideal for keeping those with sensitive skin comfortable during the night.

Silk bedding 

In addition to having properties that may directly benefit your quality of sleep, silk is a luxury material that can be used to curate an idyllic sleeping space. Studies have shown that an optimised sleeping space that considers comfort, light, and temperature can improve your sleep. It may seem like something that wouldn’t have much of an effect on your quality of sleep, but creating an environment that you can look forward to sleeping in and one that can provide you with optimum sleeping conditions shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Lancaster Collection

Silk bedding is the perfect way to start creating this space and refresh your home. For example, the Lancaster Collection is inspired by neutral ivory colour schemes to create a versatile and cosy environment that brings a fresh feel to any home. By adding silk to your bedroom decor, you can experiment with different textures to create visual appeal without using overpowering design choices that may unknowingly disrupt your sleep quality. 

Sage Silk Bedding 

Alternatively, some studies suggest that green is one of the best colours for bedrooms as its association with nature creates a calming effect. Incorporating a sage green duvet cover can help you to create a calm environment with unmatched softness, comfort, and style.

For further inspiration on trending interior styles using silk, visit our bedroom design blog for 2023.

Silk pyjamas

Of course, comfort is the main aspect to consider when it comes to quality of sleep. For some, sleeping completely in silk may not be preferable. Cotton is still a popular choice for bedding that presents many advantages, but if you’d like to try and reap some of the benefits that silk presents, you may wish to incorporate it in other ways. A silk eye mask or a set of silk pyjamas is the perfect way to introduce you to this luxury material and figure out if silk is comfortable for you to sleep in.

Silk Eye Mask - Blush £43.50

Sleeping in silk pyjamas is still a great way to achieve the benefits mentioned above, as the properties remain the same. Gingerlily’s silk pyjamas are made from 100% natural silk and are breathable and gentle on sensitive skin, ideal for regulating body temperature and drawing moisture away from the skin. You may also see improvements to your hair and skin as silk can provide numerous health and beauty benefits, including clearer skin and stronger hair - making the material a worthy investment to improve your overall well-being as well as the quality of your sleep. 

Sleep blissfully with Gingerlily

Ready to improve your sleeping space? Whether you want to start with a silk pillowcase, or are ready to fully transition into experiencing the grandeur of silk, we have just what you need to get started. Our carefully curated silk bedding collection is available in a range of beautiful colourways and designs to suit a variety of styles to help you create your ideal sleeping environment.